Photo source: www.librewireless.com/technology.html

Libre Wireless Technologies, a leading embedded WiFi and Wireless solutions provider, announced at the Hong Kong Electronic Fair, the integration of their advanced multi-node and audio streaming technology into compelling new “smart” LED lights and LED Speaker lights. Wirelessly controlled LED lights have been around for a while but failed to reach their tremendous potential due to the limitations of Bluetooth, Zigbee, or proprietary wireless technologies which limit applications to one or two lights, short range, or lack of easy connectivity and control by open standards products like smartphones and tablets. Libre’s powerful multi-node DDMS technology solves all those problems and with its unique connectivity topology, enables the true potential for a very large number of connected devices throughout the home. Libre DDMS technology has demonstrated over 30 distributed connected nodes and speakers and is extendable to hundreds of nodes.

One of Libre Wireless’ leading partners, Hansong Technology, combines Libre technology features with their elegant design and advanced integration into a small R30 LED light package they call “North Light.” This product truly unlocks the potential for widespread, high volume adoption with this simple, ready made and compelling whole home solution for smart LED lighting and audio. Libre’s compelling control App’s for iOS and Android devices make controlling lighting and whole home audio both simple and compelling.

LED lighting is set on an explosive growth curve enabling low power, long life and high quality lighting. Libre solutions can support WiFi, BT, and even sensors like motion detectors, cameras, and audio and because it leverages the available power in the light receptacles, it’s a winning combination for simple consumer implementations. Libre’s unique IoT platform delivers all the compelling features for advanced Smart Home, Smart Lighting and Smart Audio throughout the home.

The new North Light LED speaker lights leverage Libre’s market leading LibreSync media streaming platform combined with their world leading small, low cost, low power IoT and media streaming wireless modules. LibreSync provides seamless and comprehensive support across ecosystems and music services including AirPlay, Google Cast for Audio, DLNA, WindowsX, Miracast, Spotify Connect, Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn, QQ Music, Melon, and vTuner as well as the DDMSTM direct streaming whole home audio technology. Libre can also seamlessly support top ecosystems across their product line including Apple’s HomeKitTM and Weave/Android.

More information about the new Libre Wireless solutions can be found at www.librewireless.com.