LIFX White 800 and Original and GU10
The LIFX LED smart bulb range now includes A19, A21 and GU10 Downlight form factors, all with LIFX's signature hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity - no hub required.

LIFX took the stage at Microsoft’s Build conference this week to demonstrate the power of LIFX, Windows 10, AllJoyn and the Internet of Things.

Following Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s captivating demo of the ground-breaking HoloLens, LIFX – VP of Product, John Cameron, showed how Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 OS unleashes unprecedented open-source IoT interoperability for app and device developers.

“As device makers, we believe strongly in an open Internet of Things. We know the real magic of connectivity happens when developers like you can easily take control of our hardware and drive it in amazing new ways,” Mr. Cameron said.

LIFX built on the new Windows 10 AllJoyn SDK to rapidly develop an app to adjust color and brightness of their full-color light bulbs which are Wi-Fi controlled and can be plugged into any standard light socket, no hub required.  “Just imagine a gamer’s delight when your app seamlessly discovers nearby lights, dimming room lamps at game-time, flashing a warning green as a creeping hostile approaches or blasting red and orange in-sync with explosions,” he continued.

Mr. Cameron demonstrated, with a casual, “Hey Cortana, turn on my LIFX lights,” which activated Microsoft’s intelligent assistant to control the stage lights.  “At LIFX, we believe that seamless experiences and voice control will be a cornerstone of the connect home. We can’t wait to show the world what we have on the way.”

All this was made possible with the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn standard which Microsoft see as the future of open source IoT connectivity. Along with 140 of the world’s leading electronics companies (Electrolux, LG, Qualcomm and Sony among them), Microsoft have incorporated AllJoyn to drive widespread adoption of the Internet of Everything.  As early members of the AllSeen Alliance, LIFX helped develop AllJoyn’s lighting control components and continue to play an active role in the Alliance’s working groups.


LIFX is proud to have been the first AllSeen Alliance member company to bring a certified product to retail – with their new AllJoyn-ready White 800 LED smart bulb available at Best Buy stores across the USA and online at