Windows 10

LIFX made its China debut at WinHEC Shenzhen, Microsoft’s invite-only hardware conference. Microsoft will use LIFX light bulbs to demonstrate how the Windows 10 adds seamless interoperability for IoT devices via the AllJoyn platform.

“Windows 10 will bring AllJoyn open source IoT connectivity to Windows PCs, Tablets and Phones everywhere,” said LIFX CEO,Marc Alexander.

LIFX pioneered the smart light in 2012 with the first Wi-Fi-enabled (no hub required), full color spectrum LED bulb that’s controllable via a smart device. Earlier this month at Mobile World Congress inBarcelona, LIFX announced their latest innovation: the “White 800” light bulb. The White 800 is the first white only smart light providing adjustable whites, ranging from rich warm to cool whites all in one bulb. The White 800 also boasts out-of-the box AllJoyn support expanding the LIFX product family which will be released this spring in US and early summer withinEurope.

“Our bulbs will be the world’s first retailing AllJoyn lights, and we’ll be ready for the Microsoft Windows 10 platform,” Mr. Alexander said.

Coinciding with the Microsoft WinHEC event, LIFX announces plans to move into China retail market in 2015.

“With a huge Windows install base in China, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be expanding our retail operations toChina,” Mr. Alexander said.

LIFX already retails in USA, Europe and Australia.