Smart Cycling Helmet
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LIVALL, the first smart and safe cycling helmet provider in the world, will launch its full range of new generation of smart cycling helmet products and accessories at CES 2017.

The new generation of LIVALL‘s smart cycling helmet will have more than six models, covering the price segment from US$99 to US$199, to meet the requirements of different consumers. Also, a new smart and safe helmet especially developed for kid will also launch this time. So the children can enjoy the riding joy with their parents as well.

According to Brian Zheng, the founder and CEO of LIVALL, “I was very happy that LIVALL’s smart, safe helmet was selected into the final list of ‘Last Gadget Standing’ at CES last year. This year, our new generation of smart, safe helmet have more than six models and some accessories, pricing from US$99 to US$199, so consumers can have more choices upon their own requirement and budget. I hope that every cycling fan will enjoy the pleasure of smart riding. And, our company mission is to develop more and more smart things to bring people more fun on more leisure sporting. So in the soon coming future, you will see our new products not only for riding, but also for other leisure sports, such as skiing.”

Shenzhen Qianhai LIVALL IoT Technology Co., Ltd, was established at Shenzhen, China in April, 2014 by a cycling fan Brian Zheng. LIVALL integrates telecommunication, music and safety together in the bicycle helmet, and launched the first generation of smart, safe helmet and the “Riding APP” in 2015. The company’s mission is endeavoring to develop more smart and safe things to bring people more pleasure on leisure sporting. LIVALL, based in Shenzhen, China, also has offices at San Francisco, U.S. and Oakland, New Zealand.

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