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LiveData Utilities,a leading provider of smart grid integration for the electric utilities industry, announced several business and technology initiatives that will further propel the company’s leadership in Smart Grid real-time data integration and modernization. In addition to a realignment of its LiveData Utilities product suite and introduction of its Operational Technology Message Bus software architecture, the company has added three new members to its professional team.

LiveData Utilities real-time middleware and dataflow engines are the trusted choice for hundreds of electric power utilities across the world. The technology and staff additions are expected to increase the breadth of Industrial IOT (IIoT) solutions and efficiency at which the company can deliver IIoT and OT integrations to customers.

LiveData Utilities Real-Time Integration (RTI) Server is the trusted platform that Utilities throughout the world use for complex Smart Grid integrations. RTI Server is a real-time data flow engine that can handle massive amounts of data – supporting interoperability, monitoring, control, and reporting capabilities. LiveData Utilities Operational Technology Message Bus (OTMB) software architectural pattern integrates Operational Technology systems, IT systems, Distributed Energy Resources, and traditional grid systems in a secure, development-ready environment.

RTI is the on-ramp to real-time analytics solutions across the utility industry. By employing RTI Server and OTMB, utilities are able to integrate IIoT technology alongside legacy devices – natively supporting protocol languages across the spectrum.

In light of the surge in Smart Grid OT opportunities, the three new positions to the company’s professional staff will enable LiveData to extend its leadership in Smart Grid integration and management of complex Operational Technology data networks. Tom Evans has joined the company as senior architect; John Gillerman as solutions architect; and Adam Reiss as marketing manager.

Tom Evans comes to LiveData Utilities from OpenMobile World Wide, Inc., where he was Director, Windows Engineering. Evans will be architecting server investments to increase scalability and improve connectivity as devices creating and consuming data continue to proliferate within the smart grid. He also spent five years at VMware, where he was instrumental in that company’s mobile virtualization efforts and core hypervisor work.

John Gillerman is a 25-year veteran in software engineering and IT solutions architecture, rounding out the company’s Professional Services team. He will be working with LiveData Utilities customers to solve complex integration challenges. Most recently, Gillerman served as Director of Technology for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), a standards coordination activity of the National Institute for Standards and Technology. In addition to his extensive experience with utility asset management systems, Gillerman served as Technical Advisor to North American Electric Reliability Corp.’s Data Exchange Working Group, focusing on inter-utility power system model.

A veteran entrepreneurial marketing professional, Adam Reiss has a background in performance marketing, online media buying, brand tracking, product optimization and business analysis. He comes to LiveData Utilities from Norbella, an award-winning media planning and buying agency.

The LiveData Utilities RTI Server platform includes:

  • LiveData Utilities Operational Technology Message Bus: LiveData Utilities OTMB architectural pattern is designed to quickly integrate Operational Technology systems, IT systems, Distributed Energy Resources, and traditional grid systems in a secure, development-ready environment. LiveData Utilities OTMB leverages SCADA-class in-memory processing to establish bi-directional communication between a nearly unlimited number of systems and devices, while providing data flow management tools and native protocol translation;
  • RTI Generation Asset Manager: RTI GAM is a customizable HTML5 real-time dashboard that enables operations management and control room operators to visualize the current and historical state of their generation assets. RTI GAM increases situational awareness of grid activity, asset performance, and demand drivers;
  • LiveData Utilities RTI ISO Connect: LiveData Utilities RTI ISO Connect is a real-time connection service offered as a fixed price, turnkey offering. The solution manages transactional data flows and meets Independent Service Operator/Regional Transmission Organization (ISO/RTO) markets’ real-time reporting and control needs via a real-time ICCP connection to the power markets.

Additional information is available at www.LiveDataUtilities.com.