The mobile security provider Lockin Company launches SaaS-style app security solution NEXT LIAPP

The mobile security provider Lockin Company will soon be releasing an upgraded version of its mobile app security solution LIAPP (Lockin App Protector).

NEXT LIAPP, the latest creation of K-ICT Born2Global Centre member company Lockin Company, is a revolutionary mobile security solution that blocks attempt to hack mobile apps at the source. More than that, the product aims to change the conventional view that mobile security solutions are expensive and difficult to use.

First launched in 2014, LIAPP offers a convenient, high-performance mobile app security service based on its accumulated security expertise and competitive product lines. Payments for its products and services can be made on a single-use or monthly basis. LIAPP offers excellent mobile security performance through various features, including source code protection (encryption and obfuscation), native library protection, strong memory protection, and anti-repackaging.

Under its motto “Not a Big Dummy, Only Essential Features,” Lockin Company aims to become a crucial partner of successful mobile service providers by preventing fatal hacking of mobile services through an easy-to-implement method.

High degree of cloud-based security and simple, quick implementation

The recently upgraded LIAPP is characterized not only by its enhanced security features but use of an elegant and intuitive user-oriented UI that eliminates all complicated application procedures. It not only uses a cloud format to enable a one-step installation process, which includes everything from payment to security solution implementation, but also takes into consideration the price, which has thus far been the biggest obstacle to the adoption of mobile security solutions. For on-site products, the cost of a single-use ticket is USD 39.99, while the monthly user fee is USD 139.99. For business products, which provide monitoring, various risk-detection functions, and unlimited customer support during the service period, a monthly user fee of USD 249.99 is charged. LIAPP ensures the convenient and stable operation of its clients’ services by providing information on detected threats, detection priority rankings in accordance with ascertained threats, and a detection rate progression graph.

The upgraded LIAPP will initially be available in two versions (on-site and business), and an iOS version that includes a user-reporting function and SaaS will be made available in early 2018.

Protection of app’s major assets from all forms of hacking

The biggest security threat for mobile applications is the leaking of core data. As shown by the recent IP camera hacking incident, the increased use of smart devices in the home is giving rise to new and diverse cases of hacking. With the growing range of household IoT devices on the market, hackers are increasingly attempting to hack the apps that control these devices. Most hacking cases involve source code theft. To prevent the leakage of core data from mobile applications and protect apps from diverse forms of hacking, Lockin Company offers security functions that are essential for app management. These are: source protection, anti-repackaging, game engine protection, anti-tamper,virtual machine detection, anti-debugging and memory protection.

Lockin Company CEO Choi Myoung Kyu said, “With the increased dissemination of smartphones, methods of hacking mobile apps have been evolving. Having recognized the fact that many companies and individuals are hesitant to adopt security solutions due to the high cost involved, we plan to provide an upgraded version of LIAPP that not only offers a high degree of security but comes with a reasonable price tag. Through LIAPP’s various features, which are clearly differentiated from those of its competitors, we at Lockin Company hope to create a mobile world where users are safe from hacking by enabling everyone to easily apply security solutions to their smartphones.”