LogMeIn, Inc. unveiled the next generation of its Xively Internet of Things (IoT) solution designed to help companies rapidly bring secure, Internet connected products to market, while accelerating their transition into connected product businesses. Built on a new ultrafast and highly secure connectivity platform, the new Xively introduces new management capabilities to help companies securely capture, analyze and take action on connected product data. It also introduces a foundation for building first-of-their-kind connected business applications – applications that will bring connected product and connected customer information to line-of-business workers. As a result, product companies can embrace the Internet of Things to securely connect and scale new or existing products, manage and act on IoT data, and transform the ways they engage with their customers and partners.

The performance, security, data privacy, and management innovation introduced in the new Xively was influenced by – and is based on – learnings from Xively’s IoT customer base, which include IoT ‘first movers’ in the consumer product goods manufacturing, home automation, light industrial, and life sciences industries.

“We believe that the IoT has the potential to transform every product company, regardless of what products they make, into a technology company. And that opens up a wealth of new opportunities – and a whole new set of customer expectations – for virtually every company that makes products today,” said Michael Simon, CEO and co-founder of LogMeIn. “Our pioneering efforts in the IoT with Xively have helped us to attract many early IoT customers – companies that span home automation, consumer goods, light industrial, as well as healthcare and life sciences use case. And we believe that this early experience has given us rare insight to shape both our IoT offerings and our vision of how to help companies transform into connected product businesses.”

LogMeIn’s vision for the IoT and the connected product businesses

The new Xively has been designed to meet the evolution of businesses as they bring new connected offerings to market and look to the IoT as an opportunity to transform their business. LogMeIn has outlined this connected product business evolution – and built its product roadmap – around three complementary stages:

  • Connect: Companies should first look to enable instant, secure connectivity between their products, applications, and the business.
  • Manage: Companies should implement management systems that can collect and organize connected product and connected customer information to derive insights and drive actions
  • Engage: Companies should seek to transform their business through deeper customer, product, and partner engagement opportunities and by creating new types of durable customer relationships

The new version of Xively delivers functionality specifically designed to address these needs, while significantly bolstering the security, speed and scalability of the platform.

Solving for speed, scale, and security needs

In January of 2015, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a report detailing growing privacy and security concerns related to the data generated from new IoT devices, while outlining steps manufacturers should take to protect this data.

Meanwhile, a BI Insider report published in April of 2015 cited security concerns as one of the biggest barriers to broader IoT adoption.

“Ultrafast connectivity is critical when it comes to IoT products, but too often, you have tradeoffs between speed, security and scale. With the new Xively, we started by looking at a whole new way to manage not just secure connections of data, but also who, in the end, has the authorization and permissions to see that data,” said Paddy Srinivasan, LogMeIn’s vice president of products for Xively. “And from there, we looked at how you could deliver instant connectivity that would ensure all of those things were taken into consideration every single time you connect. The result is what we believe to be the fastest, most secure and most scalable IoT messaging platform on the market.”

Empowering the connected business

The new Xively complements its fast, secure and scalable connectivity foundation with new ways that companies can manage connected product data to inform business decisions and transform the ways they engage with their customers and partners.

It includes:

  • Fast, Secure, Scalable Connectivity: New and improved messaging service delivers high-speed communication between millions of devices, while applying the highest industry standard security protocols and authentication for every transaction.
  • New ‘Blueprint’ for Permissions, Provisioning, and Authentication: All new capability called, ‘Blueprint,’ bolsters data privacy and security, while reducing the work required to rollout new connected products. Blueprint makes it easy for companies to manage the roles, permissions and relationships of all the people, products, partners and applications in their entire connected business, while streamlining the provisioning of connected products to new customers.
  • Management of connected products and connected product data: New capabilities provide intuitive management of connected products and connected product data to empower businesses with alerts, triggers, reports and new customer, partner and product insights.
  • Engagement with products, customers, partners: Departments and employees within a business require ways to see and take action on connected product and connected data. The first set of product management, customer service, and partner management applications built on this new foundation are expected in the coming months.

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