Bluvision Industrial beacon
Industrial BEEKS(TM) beacon with ruggedized housing

Bluvision launched earlier this week new products that further strengthen their product suite and address the needs of Industrial IoT and the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors as a whole. The new products include – the Industrial BEEKS™ beacon with ruggedized housing, the BEEKS™ Plus LR [Long-Range] beacons – with over 0.6-mile radius, first-of-its-kind Directional Beamforming antenna and industry leading 10-year battery life, and the battery-powered and Power-over-Ethernet [PoE]-powered BluFis™ enabling Real-Time-Location-System [RTLS] solution in outdoor locations or locations with minimal infrastructure.

Bluvision’s Industrial BEEKS™ beacon with ruggedized-housing, IP-67 water resistance and environmental resistance, and 5-yr battery life is suited for challenging manufacturing environments and industrial applications including Cold Chain Temperature monitoring and Motor Condition monitoring.

The BEEKS™ Plus LR beacons are designed with Directional Beamforming antenna, the first of its kind in the world today.  The advantage of using this type of antenna is that enterprises can precisely determine if the beacon is in the front of, to the side or behind the phone. Bluvision’s BEEKS™ Plus LR beacons combined with Bluvision’s RTLS capabilities are a perfect fit for companies needing to monitor locations or assets in open areas or areas with difficult RF environments where signal transmission is often disrupted, making the determination of real-time location extremely challenging. Like the Industrial beacons, BEEKS™ Plus LR beacons are IP67 water resistant and environmental resistance. The BEEKS™ Plus LR beacons are also equipped with sensors – motion detection 3 axis accelerometer and NIST calibrated temperature sensors. The BEEKS™ Plus LR also has capabilities of logging sensor data within the beacon with options of 512 KB flash standard for logging temperature and environmental sensors for up to six months.

The latest in line of BluFi™, Bluvision’s Bluetooth to WiFi gateways, can support any environment and location even in the absence of AC power, thereby offering great flexibility to deploying scalable BLE solution/s for outdoors and areas where power is not readily available.

BEEKS(TM) Plus LR [Long-Range] beacon with over 0.6-mile radius, and first-of-its-kind Directional Beamforming antenna

“There is a lot of noise in this space from companies announcing the next greatest thing and declaring firsts,” said John Sailer, COO, Bluvision. “Our focus has always been on solving industry problems through a combination of our technical expertise across the stack, our manufacturing capabilities, and focusing on the practicality of usage which is why we’ve always built beacons that are IP67 water and environment-resistant, have long life battery, provide long-range capabilities and built for the rigors that industrial environments require.”

To order Bluvision’s BEEKS™ Plus LR beacons, Industrial BEEKS™ beacon or alternate-powered BluFis™, email

About Bluvision

Bluvision is leading the innovation in the IoT space as market leaders in sensor beacons; software driven, highly-accurate RTLS; and the pioneers of achieving cloud connectivity without the need for smartphone applications. Bluvision’s advanced architecture provides enterprises scalable solutions for tracking the location, health and performance of assets and employees.