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Axiros announced that its customer Linkem, the leading provider of wireless broadband services in Italy, has extended its customer agreement with Axiros for its portfolio of device and network management tools to help better manage Linkem’s customer experience.

Since the inception of its network rollout and commercial services, which was initially over WiMax, Linkem has positioned itself as a competitive player in an oversaturated broadband market with an ability to differentiate itself by delivering services with efficiency and innovation. The complexity of the Italian geography and the remote location reach of the Linkem service have been important success factors to the business. Axiros helped ensure Linkem’s success by providing an efficient way to deliver new services customer support, especially to those in challenging geographical locations.

“With our ever-growing customer base and commercial success that puts Linkem ahead of the market competition, the shift is now to keep growing customer satisfaction,” commented Rino Buccio, CTO of Linkem. “Working with Axiros for several years now, we understand the tremendous value they have already brought to our service offering through device management. It was time to take this to the next level with our selection of the complete Customer Experience Management portfolio from Axiros.”

Linkem recently implemented Axiros’ AXTRACT for QoE CPE monitoring and AXPLORE service management for the entire service ecosystem to extend the already existing capabilities of AXESS.ACS.

With AXTRACT Linkem can now deliver real time analytics also over the LTE service quality and the customer behavior, thus providing quickest turnaround time on customer’s claims and proactive care tools to its CRM agents.

“Service providers know silent customers are more likely to generate churn,” stated Alfeo Pareschi, Chief Strategy Officer of Axiros. “With the adoption of AXTRACT, and following a trend where the product has already been adopted by the incumbent segment in the country, Linkem will give customers a voice to enable effective support and continuous improvement of the LTE service.”

This new acquisition came through the Axiros Italian partner Bizmatica and it marks an extension of the Axiros coverage in the LTE market which already includes several customers in EMEA and LATAM. The recent merger and acquisition news signal a process of further consolidation and prompts the need for service providers to ensure device and service management from a single unified platform: any device on any network, which has always been the Axiros value proposition.

For more information about AXESS.ACS, AXTRACT, AXPLORE, QoE or device management, please visit the Axiros’ website.

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Axiros provides device and service management solutions across fixed and mobile networks for consumer, enterprise and M2M markets. Axiros solutions are scalable, flexible, modular and most importantly – open, giving providers the ability to manage and support any protocol, any device, any service – any time. Distinguished by domain expertise and innovation, coupled with world-class software design, Axiros uniquely delivers the robust management capabilities and solutions service providers need today and in the future, as demand and complexity associated with new services grows.

Founded in 2002, Axiros is global in scope with sales and service offices located in Aarau, Boston, Lisbon, Milan, Sao Paolo, Singapore and development centers in Germany and Russia.