TMC and Crossfire Media today announced the agenda for the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo, taking place August 11-14, 2014, at The Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event caters towards any type of company, from retail to transportation, that is interested in understanding how to develop, integrate and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) strategies.

“The M2M and IoT industry is constantly exploding with new technologies, solutions and applications and our event agenda features programming that informs and educates attendees on the latest innovations,” said Carl Ford, CEO, Crossfire Media, executive director of content, M2M Evolution. “We look forward to providing attendees with an opportunity to interact with great companies and sessions to help ensure their M2M and IoT success.”

The event’s full agenda is filled with dynamic content, networking opportunities, and special events.

M2M Evolution Conference & Expo features:

  • Keynotes from: AT&T, AARP, iRobot, NFL and more
  • Conference sessions include:
    • IoT, IoE, M2M…Alphabet Soup or Are We Creating a Smarter Planet?
    • The Economics of the Industrial Internet
    • Connectivity’s Place in the IoT and the Industrial Internet – The Great Debate
    • Beyond Traditional M2M to the Internet of Things: Aggregating Disparate Data Protocols on the Internet of Things
    • The Economic Impact for Businesses of a Connected Society
    • Battle of the Platforms Preview and “Weigh In” – Drinks and Demos
    • Analyze This
    • M2M and the IoT – Just Another Enterprise Application?
    • Integrating Real-Time Machine Data into Your Business Processes
    • The Importance of Looking at Your Business Process in Deploying M2M – Data Relevancy
    • The Gap Between OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology)
    • The Role of the Integrator: Making Data Useful
    • CIO Roundtable
    • Monitoring Fixed Assets
    • Tracking, Tracing and Monitoring Mobile Assets
    • At the Edge: Devices at Work
    • M2M $$ — What are VCs and Private Equity Firms Doing in M2M?
    • Sensors & Skunk Works
  • Special Events: Battle of the Platforms (New 3 day format), Business Impact Awards, RFP Workshop, AT&T Fast Pitch and the Case Studies Theatre.

M2M Evolution Conference & Expo is supported by Diamond Sponsor AT&T and Gold Sponsors Eurotech, Kore, RacoWireless, Systech, ThingWorx and Vodafone.

Registration for M2M Evolution Conference & Expo is now open.