The report on M2M, IoT, and wearable technology ecosystem measures the market size, studies the ecosystem developing around each product segment and regional market, estimates the growth of the market in the five years from 2015 till 2020, and offers plans to key players to capitalize on the proliferating demand for smart glasses and other forms of wearable technologies.

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Wireless carriers are increasingly exploring new options to generate revenue as the market is saturated with data and consumer voice services. Most of them are trying to grab the lucrative opportunity of providing network connectivity for Machine to Machine devices such as connected cars, smart meters, digital signage, and healthcare monitors. Though the M2M, IoT&wearable technology ecosystem experienced a slump in average revenue per user, the M2M segment made up for it by generating revenue from verticals such as healthcare, utilities, transportation, automotive, logistics, retail, consumer electronics, and public safety.

The key growth driver for the M2M, IoT, and wearable technology ecosystem is growing commercialization of wearable technology. Mobile manufacturers are making heavy investments in wearable devices to offset the plummeting profits from traditional revenue sources such as tablet and smartphone markets. This has resulted in a market full of smart bands, smart watches, and other such wearable devices that are nearly as efficient as mobile applications.

Research suggests that M2M and wearable devices segments will help carriers pocket revenue of US$116 billion with network connectivity by 2020, recording a CAGR of more than 40% between 2015 and 2020. With a host of opportunities, several wireless carriers are looking at using wearable technology with their M2M offerings, which will help them tap vertical markets and consumers.

The report on M2M, IoT & wearable technology ecosystem gives an accurate assessment of the primary market drivers, the extent of investments, challenges faced by this market, vertical market opportunities, value chain analysis, segment analysis, and projections for the future. In addition to this, the report also gives a Porter’s five forces analysis on the market, which helps in understanding the threats from new entrants, threat from substitute products and services, bargaining power of consumers, bargaining power of suppliers, and the intensity of competitive rivalry.

The report on M2M, IoT, and wearable technology ecosystem further sheds light on key players in the market, covering their financial outlook for the next five years, their investment plans and potential, possible mergers and acquisitions within the industry, etc. It also provides a list of existing products in the pipeline, and the scope for research and development. The report covers quantitative data with numeric forecasts, graphs, and other diagrams.

Some of the companies studied in this report are BMW, 4D Force, 7 Layers, Air Products, Airbiquity, Amazon, Amadeus, Amiigo, Cisco, Citizen, CommandWear, and Public Services Wireless amongst others.

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