M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC today unveiled its plan to build and operate the first licensed, all-IP, wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) network throughout the United States. The network rollout will occur in multiple phases, with several trials scheduled to begin in Q2 2014. The network is expected to cover 75% of the US population by the end of 2015, and 95% by the end of 2016.

M2M Spectrum Networks is the first company to have creatively sourced licensed radio spectrum to build a new ubiquitous, nationwide network. “Our innovative technology offers a timely and highly cost- effective way to deliver M2M solutions that fit customers’ needs across the Internet of Things (IoT),” stated Barclay Knapp, Chief Executive Officer of M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC.

“We will be offering our customers a game-changing network, purpose-built and optimized solely for M2M applications, with innovations in provisioning, monitoring, pricing and other dimensions not yet seen in the marketplace. Ours is the M2M network customers can count on for the long term,” continued Knapp.

M2M Spectrum Networks has executed numerous strategic partnering agreements with well-established wireless companies such as Commdex, Crown Castle, Raveon, TrueNet, 4G Unwired, and Powder River. These partnerships will make it possible to overcome system complexity, reduce costs, and reduce time to market. This collaboration will clearly catapult M2M Spectrum Networks forward as a nationwide M2M connectivity provider.

About M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC 

M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC is an Arizona Limited Liability Company that was founded for the purpose of building and operating the first licensed, nationwide wireless network dedicated to the rapidly emerging Machine-to-Machine industry. M2M Spectrum Networks (M2M SN) has designed a sophisticated, dedicated machine-to-machine network for facilitating the Internet of Things (IOT), including applications in Security & Alarm Monitoring; Electric Power, Water, Gas and Waste Utilities – including Smart Grid systems; Fleet Vehicle Dispatch, Location & Route Optimization; Vending other Machine Monitoring systems; Gas, Oil and other Mining operations, including Pipelines & Tanks; Connected Car & Smart Road solutions; and numerous other potential and emerging M2M applications.

M2M SN, through its hardware and software vendors, is developing a wide-area data radio system based on proprietary technology: Machine Data Network Architecture (“mDNA”), the foundation of M2M SN’s network infrastructure. In addition to providing both “High Site” and “Mesh Network” saturation coverage of the US, the mDNA architecture provides seamless interfaces to existing M2M applications, M2M application providers, and M2M MVNO’s.

M2M Spectrum Networks has locations in Phoenix, Arizona, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida. All potential M2M customers, applications providers and MVNO’s are encouraged to contact us for more information on joining the M2M Spectrum Networks revolution, at http://www.m2mspectrum.com.