Today, at the leading industry tradeshow RFID Journal Live, GlobeRanger and M2M Spectrum Networks announced that M2M Spectrum Networks has selected GlobeRanger Corporation’s iMotion Edgeware as its RFID solutions platform for what will become the nation’s first purpose-built network designed specifically for machine-to-machine communications. Starting in the second quarter of 2014, the network will be rolled out in phases with an objective of covering 75% of the US population by the end of 2015, and 95% by the end of 2016.

“We are incredibly happy to have partnered with GlobeRanger. The company’s mission to provide the most reliable, scalable, and flexible enterprise edge software infrastructure at the lowest total cost of ownership dovetails well with M2M Spectrum Networks’ vision” stated Barclay Knapp, CEO of M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC. GlobeRanger powers some of the largest RFID deployments in the world including the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency and Flora Holland. Their iMotion Edgeware platform has been the foundation for several deployments in supply chain operations, logistics, perishables tracking, and healthcare. “GlobeRanger’s proven technology will allow our customers to harness data that is generated outside traditional IT environments to improve their business processes, cut costs and move closer to being real-time organizations,” added Knapp.

“As edge processing to enable M2M applications and the Internet of Things is becoming more widely deployed, an Edgeware based solution to manage these distributed processes and devices is essential. We are extremely delighted to partner with M2M Spectrum Networks to provide innovative solutions to customers over their M2M communications network,” George Brody, President and CEO of GlobeRanger said.

About M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC 

M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC is an Arizona Limited Liability Company that was founded for the purpose of building and operating the first licensed, nationwide wireless network dedicated to the rapidly emerging Machine-to-Machine industry. M2M Spectrum Networks (M2M SN) has designed a sophisticated, dedicated machine-to-machine network for facilitating the Internet of Things (IOT), including applications in Security & Alarm Monitoring; Electric Power, Water, Gas and Waste Utilities – including Smart Grid systems; Fleet Vehicle Dispatch, Location & Route Optimization; Vending other Machine Monitoring systems; Gas, Oil and other Mining operations, including Pipelines & Tanks; Connected Car & Smart Road solutions; and numerous other potential and emerging M2M applications.

M2M SN, through its hardware and software vendors, is developing a wide-area data radio system based on proprietary technology: Machine Data Network Architecture (“mDNA”), the foundation of M2M SN’s network infrastructure. In addition to providing both “High Site” and “Mesh Network” saturation coverage of the US, the mDNA architecture provides seamless interfaces to existing M2M applications, M2M application providers, and M2M MVNO’s.

M2M Spectrum Networks has locations in Phoenix, Arizona, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida. All potential M2M customers, applications providers and MVNO’s are encouraged to contact us for more information on joining the M2M Spectrum Networks revolution, at

About GlobeRanger Corporation

GlobeRanger is a leading global provider of end-to-end enterprise edge solutions and professional services to support RFID, mobility, and sensor-based solutions. GlobeRanger has pioneered the creation of an information-processing infrastructure at the edge of the enterprise. This enables companies to harness data that is generated outside traditional IT environments to improve their business processes and move closer to being real-time organizations.

GlobeRanger’s early product vision encompassed a range of technology components integral to the creation of an edge infrastructure. Accordingly, its iMotion ‘edge’ platform incorporated support for mobility and for data collection technologies from handheld barcode readers to RFID to sensors and beyond. This holistic vision of edge computing pre-dated the first phase of mandate driven RFID market activity. As a result, the company can today boast of a robust and proven product uniquely designed to support edge computing across industry verticals.

GlobeRanger’s production-tested iMotion Edgeware platform simplifies the development, deployment, and management of RFID, mobile, and sensor-based solutions. This Edge software platform seamlessly integrates existing and new technologies such as bar code, RFID, wireless and sensor based systems preserving past investments while enabling new edge applications.

GlobeRanger offers configurable applications for RFID-enabling supply chain logistics activities from manufacturing to distribution center to retail store. A nimble Solution Services team and a unit for providing infrastructure services form part of a capabilities portfolio that enables GlobeRanger to be a true single-source solution provider. Strategic partnerships with software and Services companies have helped the company to establish a global reach and address large-scale deployments.