MachinePulse, a division of Mahindra EPC, has launched Node X1, its universal Internet of Things gateway that connects machines, devices and sensors to the cloud. Enterprises are quickly adding the Internet of Things (IoT) to their list of top strategic technology priorities and Node X1 enables them to do that easily.

Node X1™ concentrates, queues and forwards machine data to the cloud, bringing enterprises into the game-changing world of IoT, machine to machine communication and big data analytics.

MachinePulse Node X1

NodeX1™ is compliant with legacy protocols and can be easily configured on subnets with multiple protocols. “NodeX1 embraces all legacy protocols and allows for connection to any sensors, devices on any network to any cloud platform and on top of that, it is customizable according to customer requirements,” says Basant Jain, CEO of Mahindra EPC. It is as easy to install as a wireless router and comes with expandable storage to match the requirements of any enterprise user. Keeping the user in mind, Node X1™ also provides multiple additional options, for example, wireless capabilities, connectivity ports, etc.

Additionally, users can remotely configure the IoT gateway, allowing for hassle-free maintenance and management. This very competitively priced enterprise edge device also saves users money by leveraging MQTT and CoAP to efficiently handle network traffic.

With its focus on safety, remote configuration capabilities, universal vendor compatibility and competitive pricing, Node X1™ was built keeping the emerging requirements of enterprise users in mind.


About MachinePulse

MachinePulse is a provider of rapidly scalable solutions addressing the machine data requirements of industrial protocols, M2M and IoT segments with real time big data analytics and decision science on a cloud platform. Our integrated platform provides breakthrough operational efficiency leading to quantifiable monetary benefits. We provide machine data solutions powered by erixis™, our intelligent cloud based, analytics platform.

MachinePulse has its seeds in Mahindra EPC, a Mahindra & Mahindra Group company.