Macnica Americas today announced that it has extended its portfolio of innovative solutions for the “Internet of Things” (IoT) by adding ACKme Networks’ intelligent, cloud-connected wireless products and embedded modules.

“Macnica is pleased to be able to offer ACKme Networks Wi-Fi solutions to our customers,” said John Burton, President of Macnica Americas, Inc. “With their embedded firmware and ability to easily connect to the cloud, ACKme Networks products are a great fit with Macnica’s mission of offering our customers complete end-to-end solutions backed by technical knowledge and support.”

“Macnica’s strong technical support model is ideal to assist our customer base in creating exciting IoT products and achieving faster time-to-market,” said Mike Conrad, CEO of ACKme Networks. “They have products that complement the ACKme wireless solutions and their design services can help customers with all phases of the design process.”

ACKme Networks Wi-Fi modules run WiConnect, a firmware application that significantly extends the capabilities of WICED while simultaneously reducing the effort required to integrate wireless connectivity by several orders of magnitude. The ACKme solutions vastly reduce time-to-market and eliminate expensive development costs and delays.

WiConnect, an intelligent embedded software application, provides seamless Internet connectivity with a reliable and easy-to-use serial interface perfectly suited for use by machines and humans alike. WiConnect includes an on-board TCP/IP networking stack and feature-rich libraries offering advanced secure network services together with cloud connectivity that simplifies the linking of devices to the Internet at the end-user application level.

Macnica Americas can supply customers throughout the region with ACKme Networks products immediately, including Wi-Fi evaluation boards and modules. Information is available on the Macnica Americas web site at

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