After launching the easy-to-install and even easier-to-afford Manything remote video monitoring system in 2013, Manything today is announcing a major update to the Manything service, which will be available to customers in the coming weeks. After two years of research and development and a $1.5m investment, Manything is aiming to shake up the home video monitoring market by providing Apple lovers with a slick new service for their new, retired or underutilized iOS devices. Features include user-definable motion detection zones, adjustable motion sensitivity, and live streaming and playback from the iPhone just to name a few.

Responding to another much requested feature by Manything users, Manything plans to introduce new remote control and sharing functions as part of a second phase feature update to be available soon after the first update rolls out. This functionality will allow control of cameras remotely from the Manything app and to share an event directly from the app via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Although the service is currently free, the company has also announced details of its three pricing plans: Free, $3.99/month and $14.99/month for 12 hours, 7 days, and 30 days continuous cloud recording respectively. Pricing for enterprise customers are also soon to be announced.

Additionally, very soon it will be easy to integrate Manything into a home automation ecosystem, or ‘The Internet of Things’. A Manything camera will be able to trigger, and be triggered by, other connected devices in the home.

“I started Manything because I was frustrated by how difficult it was to set up home video monitoring following a break in, where the choice was basically between really cheap stuff that’s barely functional and really expensive stuff that’s ok but not great. Worse still, none of the products out there are fun!” said James West, CEO of Manything.

West continues, “Our goal is very simple – to give homeowners an amazing all-in-one video monitoring system within seconds of downloading our app.”

The addressable market for Manything is large and only expected to grow further in the future. Estimates are that approximately 700 million video capable iOS devices are in the hands of consumers today, with 180 million retired iPhones today, a number that is expected to double over the next 12 months. This attractive market potential has allowed Manything to add marquis talent to its roster, including Dan Germain, who was recently named the UK’s top designer by business magazine The Drum, edging out runner-up Jony Ive and Chris Walters, a member of the original development team for NeXT, the revolutionary computer hardware and software company founded by Steve Jobs.

New Pricing Tiers

12 hours of Continuous Cloud Recording
One active recording device

7 days of Continuous Cloud Recording
2 active recording devices

30 days of Continuous Cloud Recording
5 active recording devices

About Manything

Manything brings together a team of entrepreneurs with a history of spotting future technology trends. Mike Fischer, founder and former CEO of RM (a FTSE 250 company), brought computing to schools; James West, CEO of Alamy, the world’s largest collection of stock photos; Tim Pearson, also a former CEO of RM and former chairman of Updata Infrastructure (a Times TechTrack100 company). They are joined on the board by Dan Germain, creative director of Innocent Drinks (and recently acquired by Coca-Cola).