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MapAnything, Inc., a mapping, geo-analytics and location intelligence IoT solution provider for users of Salesforce, has announced its MapAnything IoT Platform Live on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with their customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. This add-on to MapAnything enables Internet of Things workflows inside Salesforce.

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, MapAnything Live will be available on the AppExchange this month.

The announcement took place at Dreamforce ’16, where MapAnything is a Gold Sponsor (booths 1904 and 1924). The company’s core product, MapAnything, provides mapping, schedule planning, route optimization, real-time geo-location, territory management, geo-analytics and gives Salesforce users an interactive “Map-Centric” experience.

MapAnything Live Key Features

MapAnything Live is for companies with field teams, especially those with fleets of vehicles. It provides business process automation using real-time vehicle telematics or tracking app data in combination with Salesforce records and business rules.

The MapAnything Live user interface enables real-time awareness of vehicle and human assets in conjunction with relevant Salesforce data such as accounts, cases and work orders. From this command center, users can dispatch, create location based workflows, automate mileage logs and employee time tracking, leverage workflow rules to automatically update Salesforce records and track business critical data such as fuel consumption, onsite time and drive time hours.

Comments on the News

  • “MapAnything Live impacts the bottom line by bringing vehicle telematics data into Salesforce. As a result, customers can streamline operations, automate processes, boost productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency,” stated MapAnything CEO John Stewart.
  • “MapAnything Live is a game-changer that turns Salesforce into a business command center. It impacts our bottom line by enabling us to make better decisions. As a result, we get more work done with the same number of trucks, save on labor, fuel and maintenance costs and our customers are happier,” stated Joseph Cardella, Senior Vice President at Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental.
  • “Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in the age of the customer,” said Todd Surdey, SVP, Partner Business Solutions & Sales, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud, MapAnything provides customers with an exciting new way to manage business processes for connected vehicles.”

MapAnything Dreamforce ’16 Buses App – Powered by MapAnything Live

In conjunction with Salesforce – MapAnything is providing Dreamforce attendees with a free app for tracking hotel shuttle buses in real time.

The MapAnything Dreamforce ’16 Buses App is powered by MapAnything Live and connects to the Salesforce IoT Cloud. CalAmp, a leading provider of wireless products, services and solutions, has outfitted each Dreamforce bus with a GPS tracking unit that connects to the CalAmp Telematics Cloud. CalAmp is a MapAnything OEM partner that provides hardware and telematics cloud services for MapAnything Live.

The buses app enables attendees to more easily navigate the Dreamforce campus, search for sessions and receive optimized bus routes, get text message alerts a few minutes before a bus arrives and track the buses in real time along the route.

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