MashUps LLC announces the launch of an iBeacon solution for offline events. Industry conferences and conventions will enter the digital age with iBeacon technology.

Ticketing and promotional materials used in current offline events are wasteful and inefficient. Event organizers do not gain any deep insight of attendee behavior. It is difficult to track how successful the event was for the sponsor. Event visitors are left with bags full of paper promotional material. MashUps wants to change the B2B offline event industry.

We are living in the age of Big Data. MashUps LLC Founder CEO Sean Lee says, “We are seeing a plethora of high tech products and services for the consumer market, but not a lot of activity in the B2B market. Specifically, the offline convention model is most interesting for us at MashUps. We created a solution package that enables event organizers to more effectively operate industry conferences. Event sponsors will gain deep real time analytics to help boost exposure during the event. Event attendees will effortlessly be able to make new industry contacts. All of this will be paperless. We like to think of our company as being green.”

The key component is Apple’s iBeacon technology. The iBeacon indoor proximity system allows MashUps LLC to gather real time data on the location and behavior of visitors. Sponsors will be able to see who visited the booth and for how long. They can push digital promotional materials to visitors who are nearby. Event organizers can view data that shows the exact flow of traffic. They can extract organic engagement levels without bothering the visitors with signups or app downloads. Everything is automated. Visitors can easily network with other visitors or sponsors without exchanging business cards.

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