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MAX Smart Home, manufacturer of smart home safety and security products, has announced it has selected Ayla Networks’ IoT platform to connect its products to the cloud and broaden its consumer safety offerings.

MAX Smart Home sells a variety of safety, security and lighting products for consumers, including the MAX Smart Alarm, the MAX Smart Switch, and MAX Escape M3. The company is rolling out second generation products that will be connected to the cloud so consumers can receive important safety alerts triggered by home Smoke Alarm and CO Alarms or weather and FEMA alerts on their smart phones. For example, an Internet-connected MAX Smart Alarm, can be configured easily with an iOS or Android smartphone app. Beyond sounding an alarm that can be heard even while residents are asleep, it will sync to the homeowners’ smart phones and notify them of any imposing threats whether they are at home or away.

“By using the Ayla IoT platform to connect our products to the cloud, we will be the first comprehensive home safety and security device company that can monitor all homeowner threats, from fires to tornados to break-ins,” said John Mudge, chief operating officer and co-founder of MAX Smart Home. “When you are focused on saving lives, you need an infrastructure that you can count on and that is why we chose Ayla,” Mudge said. “Connecting to the cloud is Ayla’s expertise, and we wanted a partner that can do that better than we could alone.”

Mudge said MAX chose to work with Ayla Networks for three reasons: The first is Ayla’s track record with other smart-home product manufacturers. The second is the stability of Amazon Web Services on which the Ayla cloud runs. The third is Ayla’s ability to connect the MAX cloud to other companies’ clouds.

“Once MAX Smart Home has its Ayla IoT platform in place, the company will have the infrastructure to scale and grow to meet the increasing consumer demand around the world for their safety products,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “No other company has built in this level of safety into everyday use for consumers.”

Ayla’s IoT platform provides comprehensive device, cloud and mobile app connectivity for any kind of product. The Ayla platform not only speeds manufacturers’ time to market for connected products, it also handles the intricacies of IoT security, performance, scalability and interoperability. As a result, manufacturers can focus on what they do best, while using the real-world knowledge gained from their connected products to improve multiple aspects of their business.

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