Casa Systems

Casa Systems, a worldwide leader in next-generation cable edge technology, announced that Mediacom Communications, the eighth largest cable operator in the U.S. serving 1.3 million customers primarily throughout the Midwest and Southeast, has deployed Casa’s C100G CCAP to provide subscribers with gigabit broadband speeds in Mediacom’s Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri, markets. The deployment of the C100G will improve Mediacom customers’ quality of experience (QoE) as data demands continue to rise.

Mediacom offers its phone, internet, and video services to an extensive clientele of residential and business customers. With the Internet of Things (IoT), over-the-top content (OTT) and other bandwidth-intensive applications on the rise, cable operators need to boost network capacity and ensure fast, flawless access for subscribers. To meet this new generation of customer requirements, Mediacom sought a solution with the necessary technological features – higher channel density, DOCSIS 3.1 readiness and easy scalability for future growth – to improve its operational efficiency and the bottom line.

“We are excited to bring our long experience providing commercial-grade gigabit services to our residential customers beginning with these communities in Mid-Missouri,” said JR Walden, Mediacom’s SVP of technology. “Casa’s C100G was the right CMTS solution given our timing, facilities requirements, performance needs and desire to support the future evolution of our network and services.”

The solution’s advanced technological and operational efficiency over its predecessor CMTS technology permitted Mediacom to offer its subscribers a superior user experience. The 32 fully bonded channels, clear path to DOCSIS 3.1 adoption, and scalability provide more robust speeds today and set Mediacom on the path to continue providing top-echelon service in the gigabit era. Likewise, rack space and energy reduction in the headend combines with simplified operations to create immediate and long-term cost efficiencies for Mediacom.

“Broadband providers are continually faced with the challenge of staying ahead of the growing customer demand for capacity and speed,” said Jerry Guo, CEO, Casa Systems. “Our C100G CCAP gives service providers like Mediacom a proven solution to implement that will simplify their network architectures, reduce equipment in headends and hubs and reduce OPEX, all while delivering more competitive gigabit services to their users.”

The C100G CCAP enables service providers to deliver voice, video and high-speed data over one platform. Initially launched in 2013, the C100G now supports the full DOCSIS 3.1 protocol for greater spectrum utilization. With DOCSIS 3.1 enabled in both the upstream and downstream on the C100G, operators can deploy gigabit services today while being well-positioned to scale and provide additional services down the road – without the need to rip and replace switch cards, line cards or PHY modules. Service providers deploying the C100G have demonstrated significant OPEX savings in the areas of energy, facilities, maintenance and management. Simultaneously, they have been able to offer their end users higher speed tiers and a better customer experience.

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