San Jose, CA & Stockholm — Conemtech AB and Qulsar, Inc. today announced the completion of a merger under which the companies have combined in an all-stock merger, which was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors and stockholders of both companies. The joint company will offer comprehensive timing solutions to meet the needs of existing and growing markets including 4G LTE wireless infrastructure, smart power grid and Internet of Synchronized Things.

Precise time synchronization is fundamental to mobile communications, network operations, efficiency and the emerging smart power grid infrastructure. For example, new mobile technology standards such as LTE-TD and LTE-Advanced utilize precise timing to more efficiently handle the increasing traffic load over a finite spectrum. Available solutions are fragmented in their approach, and preferentially derive timing from single technologies (such as GPS, PTP, NTP etc.). Each timing technology has inherent vulnerabilities, which can lead to sub-optimal performance or operational limitations. The unified Qulsar will deliver plug-and-play timing solutions that incorporate multiple timing inputs, leveraging their strengths for robust operation and seamless failover.

“As one company, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a robust and simple platform, so our customers gain the ability to easily meet tight timing requirements and accelerate their time to market. They can focus on their design strengths instead of spending R&D cycles on how to design precision timing systems” said Ola Andersson, CEO of Conemtech, AB. He added, “Prior to the merger, the two companies enjoyed a close, collaborative relationship and a shared commitment to our customers. As we move ahead, we are poised to build on our momentum, scaling our team, expanding and building global market traction.”

According to Rajen Datta, President & CEO of Qulsar, “The steep technology curve in high precision timing requirements is driving demand for disruptive, cost efficient solutions. The physics of precision timing is a highly specialized field. The combination of Qulsar’s subject matter expertise in a broad range of time and frequency technologies and market awareness with Contemtech’s powerful platform, deep knowledge of packet-based network synchronization and established market traction, will enable the unified company to deliver solutions that can be deployed ubiquitously and lower CAPEX & OPEX for customers and network operators.”

In the combined company (to be called Qulsar, Inc.), Mr. Datta will serve as CEO, Mr. Andersson will serve as COO and Dr. Kishan Shenoi will serve as CTO. The company, which will have operating offices in Kista, Sweden, and with its headquarters in San Jose, CA, USA.

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