Meridium®, Inc., a global leader in asset performance management (APM) software and services, today announced the launch of Meridium Online, a SaaS-based platform that delivers the benefits of Meridium’s innovative APM software in an easily accessible and secure cloud environment. Meridium Online offers a cost-effective, scalable platform to manage risk and improve asset reliability across the enterprise.

Meridium Online represents the ideal platform for asset-intensive organizations seeking to lower operational costs while improving the health, reliability and productivity of critical assets. Because it’s fully managed and delivered through the cloud, Meridium Online reduces the need for specialized onsite staff or costly ongoing software upgrades and maintenance routines.

“Meridium Online provides us with the Meridium APM functionality we require in a flexible cloud-based offering that requires minimal IT support,” said Paul Sheriff, Principal Engineer, Cristal Global. “It has made a very positive impact on our ability to calculate risk and understand the risk present within our site equipment. This information is helping us to make better decisions.”

Key features and benefits of Meridium Online include:

  • A subscription based pricing model – A fixed subscription fee that offers a predictable ongoing cost to make budgeting predictable and simple.
  • An extremely efficient and highly scalable platform – Meridium Online offers easy access anytime, anywhere, from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Minimized burden and/or reliance on IT – No software upgrades or maintenance procedures necessary.
  • Secure global deployment – Meridium Online runs on highly secure public cloud service with global deployment capabilities.

“Connectivity and availability will be some of the key requirements as we move into the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) era, and Meridium has positioned itself for success by launching Meridium Online and expanding its deployment options in general,” said Paula Hollywood, Senior Analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

Meridium APM software is deployed in more than 70 countries, helping reduce enterprise operating risk and improve asset reliability by predicting and preventing failures. Meridium Online helps extend the platform to a wider range of users.

“Organizations today do not want to spend time and resources ensuring their software deployments are fully functional,” said Eddie Amos, Meridium CTO. “Meridium Online shifts the focus from having to worry about IT deployments to the business of asset optimization.”

About Meridium

Meridium was founded in 1993 to help asset-intensive companies improve the health and performance of their assets, and pioneered the vision, software and technology to help them achieve this with the introduction of Asset Performance Management (APM). Today, Meridium serves market-leading companies in seven different languages with over 1,000 licensed sites in more than 70 countries globally.