Accelerite IoT Applications
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Accelerite, a provider of software for simplifying and securing enterprise infrastructure, has announced Accelerite’s Concert IoT Service Creation and Enrichment Platform (SCEP) can now be deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud. In addition to accelerating time to market by simplifying coding, Concert IoT enables rapid development of service-oriented IoT applications (SOIAs). SOIAs are applications designed and delivered via APIs via a platform as a service (PaaS) model. Accelerite Concert IoT:

  • Facilitates efficient integration of third party web services APIs into a Concert IoT SOIA to enrich the new platform’s capabilities and enable the evolution of powerful new IoT application ecosystems.
  • Enables partners to quickly monetize the data and insight generated from the IoT application to generate additional revenue streams. Customers benefit from richer apps and services and device vendors benefit from monetizing both the app and the data.

For example, a large scale farming operation may initially deploy IoT sensors to reduce water consumption and improve crop yields. Once that data is collected, it would be of great value to partners seeking to offer additional solutions, such as fertilizer or seeds customized to a targeted locale. Concert IoT provides the API management, payments and partner settlements needed to create and monetize a growing, revenue-generating IoT application ecosystem.

“Concert IoT will greatly accelerate the creation of innovative apps and rich new, vertically-focused IoT platforms built on Microsoft’s Azure public and private cloud implementations,” said Dean Hamilton, General Manager of the Service Creation Business Unit at Accelerite. “These new platforms will empower IoT vendors across a wide spectrum of consumer and enterprise vertical markets to create their own IoT application partner ecosystems to continually deliver additional value.”

In addition, for compute and storage requirements, Concert IoT leverages Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub for secure device on-boarding and device data ingestion, Stream Analytics for real time filtering and event detection, and HDInsight and Cortana AI for analytics and machine learning using the data.

“Accelerite’s support for Microsoft Azure environments within its Concert IoT service enabling platform offers value to the expanding community of Azure users and partners. Concert IoT is meant to serve as an enabling layer that rides “on-top” of the expanding set of IoT features Microsoft can now deliver via the Azure IoT suite,” said Brian Partridge, vice president, 451 Research. “The API management and monetization services that Concert IoT brings to Azure environments will be crucial to unlocking value for developers and service providers as the IoT industry matures. Microsoft’s incumbency across all vertical industries and the growing market share of Azure in cloud services made it a natural target for prioritized support from Accelerite.”

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