azure iot hub

Look what just showed up in my mailbox:

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub provides a secured way to connect, provision, monitor, update, and send commands to devices—allowing you to control millions of Internet of Things (IoT) assets running on a broad set of operating systems and protocols, to jumpstart IoT projects.

Azure IoT Hub helps companies to:

• Establish reliable bidirectional communication with IoT assets, even if they’re intermittently connected, so companies can analyze incoming telemetry data and send commands and notifications as needed.
• Enhance security of IoT solutions by leveraging per-device authentication to communicate with devices with the appropriate credentials.
• Revoke access rights to specific devices, if needed, to maintain the integrity of the system.
• Monitor device connectivity to identify security threats and operational issues as soon as possible.
• Work with common protocols such as HTTP, AMQP, AMQP over WebSockets, and MQTT.

Azure IoT Hub is available as a standalone service or as one of the services used in Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. General availability pricing will go into effect on April 1, 2016.

I guess this makes Microsoft “officially” a player in the IoT Space. Direct link to the Azure IoT Hub.