Novatel Wireless, Inc. and In-Car Cleverness Limited announce that Novatel Wireless will be supplying In-Car Cleverness a portfolio mix of specialized and scalable cellular IoT solutions for both commercial and consumer telematics markets. The solution will be deployed in the United Kingdom later this month and is now commercially available for deployment throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Demand for in-car telematics has experienced acceleration due to government mandated road safety initiatives throughout the regions. These initiatives propel demand for value-add services such as theft-tracking, emergency services, remote vehicle monitoring, roadside assistance, driver behavior monitoring and auto diagnostics.

Under the agreement, In-Car Cleverness offer the Novatel Wireless line of MiFi Drive IoT solutions for telematics in addition to licensing the Novatel Wireless Device Manager software for remote management of devices. The portfolio includes plug and play OBD II devices that support all five engine OBD protocols, fixed trackers, and “vehicle-as-hub” gateways. Unique features for telematics applications, such as highly sensitive dual accelerometers, advanced diagnostics, pin-point GPS/GLONASS technology, programmable platforms, and cellular certified network options are available in a variety of compact, M2M grade designs customized to the unique needs of different vehicle types.

“Together, MiFi Drive and In-Car Cleverness offer the most advanced telematics solution for fleets, leasing companies and usage-based insurers, in an intuitive and easy-to-use package,” said Martin Bramwell, Managing Director at In-Car Cleverness. “MiFi Drive technology and its high-performance sensors offer unrivaled pinpoint vehicle tracking, precision accident detection and accurate driver behavior profiling which gives our offering the competitive edge we were looking for.”

“In-Car Cleverness delivers an impressive solution via the Onboard™ platform,” says Chip Harleman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Novatel Wireless. “In order to deliver a solution that customers can rely on, there must be a commitment to testing. Our rigorous compatibility testing standards combined with ICC’s ongoing robust real-world testing delivers a solution our customers can count on.”

With MiFi Drive as the motor that enables the In-Car Cleverness platform, customers benefit from reliable, precise driver behavior data and diagnostics. The solution targets car rental companies, fleets, auto dealerships, and automobile insurance companies that require reliable, cutting-edge technology. The technology not only helps businesses mitigate risk and improve efficiencies, it delivers valuable insights on driver behavior that are critical to making informed, proactive business decisions. Users benefit from overall improved driver safety, reduced premiums, and a motivation to be more conscious drivers.

About Novatel Wireless

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq:MIFI) is a leader in the design and development of M2M wireless solutions based on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The Company delivers Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud SAAS services to carriers, distributors, retailers, OEMs and vertical markets worldwide. Product lines include MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, USB modems, Expedite® and Enabler embedded modules, Mobile Tracking Solutions, and Asset Tracking Solutions. These innovative products provide anywhere, anytime communications solutions for consumers and enterprises.

MiFi is a registered trademark of Novatel Wireless, Inc. – the creators and patent holders of MiFi technology.

About In-Car Cleverness

In-Car Cleverness Limited is part of Automotive and Insurance Solutions Group Plc (AIS), a group which includes the brands Accident Exchange, DCML and APU.The company designs and develops an innovative ‘end to end’ solution enabling dealerships, manufacturers, rental operators & leasing and contract-hire companies to enhance customer engagement and improve profitability by continually listening to what a car has to say and then acting upon it.