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iTraq, an innovator in global location tracking technology, announced that its iTraq+ solution was instrumental in the safe return of a missing Maryland man to his family.

On November 17, Morris Hymes Sr., who has Alzheimer’s, had wandered over a mile from his Springdale, MD home while walking a family dog. He could not be found for 7 hours despite the efforts of local law enforcement who had dispatched a helicopter and 5 squad cars to aid in the search.

Upon collaborating with the iTraq support team, police were able to pinpoint the exact location of Mr. Hymes, who was carrying an iTraq+ tracking device, and return him and his dog home unharmed to his family.

“It’s difficult to adequately convey the gratitude our family feels to have found my father safe,” said his son Morris Hymes Jr. “After hearing a similar story with a more heart-breaking ending, I began searching for a technology solution and discovered iTraq+. It provides people with peace of mind, and is a powerful tool that can help others to help you during a crisis. Other Bluetooth devices just don’t come close to the always-on network connectivity and geographic range of iTraq+.”

“Because the iTraq+ device was able to provide us with precise location information, we were able to efficiently direct our resources to help bring the matter to a swift and positive resolution,” said Lieutenant W. Jackson with the Glenarden PD.

iTraq+ is the global location device that can be found anywhere. By communicating over cellular networks (GSM) anywhere in the world, iTraq+ provides location information of people or assets with the device. Location information can be accessed via smartphones for consumer applications, or online using the secure iTraq platform for business applications. iTraq+ uses different methods of detecting location depending on customer needs, and allows for tracking both inside and outside of buildings. iTraq+ is also wirelessly rechargeable.

“We are touched that our iTraq+ solution played an important role in an individual’s safety and well-being,” said Roman Isakov, President and CEO of iTraq. “The iTraq technology platform is unique in its versatility. It can enable an extremely broad range of device management applications, and provide businesses and consumers alike with an additional layer of security whether the device is used to monitor the safety of assets of value—or the welfare of adults and children.”

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