The Internet of Things has opened up tremendous opportunities for modern connected lifestyles. MivaTek, a leading smart home, business and personal care assurance company, today announced the launch of MivaLife, the comprehensive assurance services and solutions. MivaLife helps people achieve their dream of a modern, connected, mobile-interactive lifestyle by providing a seamless network-based one-stop-shop solution, integrating video-centric security, safety, care, automation and energy services.

“MivaTek” or “Mobile Interactive Video Assurance Technology” is the comprehensive video assurance solution and service that makes it possible for users to protect their loved ones and valuables no matter where they are, using a single, easy-to-use smartphone app.

Joe Liu, MivaTek’s founder and CEO, established the Internet of Things (IoT) business unit at Oplink Communications, Inc. while he was the CEO and was inspired by the need to care for and monitor his elderly parents while on frequent travel. After Oplink was acquired by Koch Industries/Molex in 2014, Liu purchased the business and launched MivaTek in 2015.

One of MivaLife’s unique advantages is the ability to automatically record and push live video streams to all authorized users when a sensor-triggered event occurs. MivaLife also offers eight unique in-app, in-view controls. These enable users to contact first responders, archive and share video for police reports or social media, remotely operate audio, automation, energy controls, home sirens and more — all while viewing live video using MivaLife’s mobile app.

MivaLife also provides comprehensive safety solutions, notifying users of in-home fire, CO leaks or rapid increase in temperature via intelligent sensor devices that detect the audible alarm from an existing smoke/CO detector in your home. MivaLife also offers water leak, flood, valuable object tracking and garage door monitoring devices.

MivaLife empowers seniors to live actively and independently for home care by connecting family, neighbors, friends and caregivers through modern video assurance, providing awareness, and peace of mind.

“Comprehensiveness, six services in one app, a 27+ device ecosystem, and auto-configures in minutes make MivaLife smart and unique. Hardware firewall is built-in in our intelligent MivaShuttle to protect video privacy from hackers,” said Liu. “MivaLife offers one comprehensive combo and eight starter packages for purchase, and payment plans for zero-down, three-year contracts, starting at $9.99 per month per service line.”

MivaLife solutions are available exclusively at

About MivaTek

MivaTek, a leading smart home, business and personal care assurance company, provides comprehensive connected video, security, safety, care, energy and automation solutions and services with one single mobile app. MivaTek’s patent pending mobile-cloud auto-configures connected solutions in minutes, enables in-app, in-view video collaboration, unified communication and control, and pushes instant multifaceted mobile-video notifications.