Discover App

Last week, on Friday, January 6, Chronicled, Inc. teamed up with 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco for the launch of Discover by Chronicled and Minna Gallery’s new exhibition Alone Together. The launch event, Art+: Discover the Unseen, featuring work from artists Justyna Kisielewicz, Emily Burns, and Melissa Arendt, was attended by art lovers and technologists alike.

Discover by Chronicled, now available on iOS, allows users to discover, purchase and insure, and verify the provenance and information of objects equipped with the app and hardware. Brands that use Discover can create unique, interactive experiences for users based on real-time feedback. Users and brands can interact with Discover’s proximity-based commerce features, as well.

On the backend, each piece is registered on the Ethereum blockchain, which replaces the traditional certificate of authenticity with an immutable, digital, public record of authenticity. This technology system can be useful for authentication and engagement with many categories of physical products, including art, contracts, title registrations, luxury goods, routers, smart meters, automobiles, drones, pharmaceuticals, shipping boxes, and envelopes.

The exhibit is on display at Minna Gallery through February 25, 2017. Discover users can attend and access exclusive content about the art and artists.

Discover App BlockchainSam Radocchia, Chronicled CPO and Co-Founder, said, “Launching Discover represents a leap forward in proximity-based engagement and individual accessibility to IoT and enabled devices and objects. We’re putting the ability to interact with any object, by learning about it, purchasing and insuring it in real-time, verifying its provenance, and much more, into the hands of users.”

Chronicled secures the Internet of Things with cryptographic, tamper-proof identities and unforgeable transactions. We build open protocols, hardware and software solutions that use the blockchain as a foundation of immutability and trust. Our platform helps industries implement interoperable IoT solutions that deliver trust between partners, brand experiences for consumers, and compliance for regulators. By securing end-to-end IoT solutions, we enable confidence in the delegation of critical functions to autonomous devices that perform processes on our behalf.