RFID Journal Live
Photo source: www.facebook.com/MojixInc?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Mojix, a leading provider of wide-area RFID systems and IoT platform solutions, will demonstrate how its technology provides valuable business visibility and insight for retail, healthcare and industrial markets at the 14th Annual RFID Journal Live Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL on May 3-5. The company will be featuring industry leading wide-area passive RFID solutions that are built on its patented long-range location technology.

Located in booth #400, Mojix will highlight how its RFID systems and IoT solutions can provide hands-free, real-time inventory analytics in retail, instantaneous patient tracking for improved outcomes and satisfaction scores in healthcare, and precision material tracking and synchronized material flow in manufacturing applications. The company will be available to discuss its STAR wide-area RFID systems, featuring the new Mojix STARflex reader for real-time presence and location information, ViZix IoT software platforms for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data, and OmniSenseRF Inventory Service for real-time inventory visibility provided as a convenient and cost-effective monthly service.

For more information and news, please visit www.mojix.com.