Monohm Inc. announced the creation of Runcible, the first personal device for the post-smartphone era. Runcible is modeled on the pocket watch and features a high resolution, fully round screen. The device includes a high-performance phone and camera, and includes features designed to refocus users’ attention on real people and the real world.

Runcible is built on top of Mozilla’s Open Source Firefox OS, and KDDI Corporation is Monohm’s first carrier partnership. KDDI’s Design Series, an award winning line of high end mobile devices available in Japan, will also participate in Runcible’s development and help customize Runcible for the Japanese market with Monohm.

“People need something to let them control their digital lives in clean, quiet, simple ways,” said Aubrey Anderson, CEO and co-founder, Monohm Inc. “Runcible is the alternative to the increasingly invasive and commodified smartphone whose app-centric approach distracts us from our lives instead of helping us live them.”

Features and Benefits

  • First-ever fully round screen and palm-sized form is modeled on devices that humans have always carried with them: the pocket watch, the compass, the magical stone that fits the palm of our hand.
  • Discovery-centric: featuring simple interfaces which focus on clean summaries of our digital lives, and a curated maps program that differs from others in finding the most interesting route to a destination, versus the fastest.
  • Requires no additional software or apps: Runcible’s operating system is based on Open Web standards. Unlike other systems which rely upon complicated middleware and cannot integrate across platforms, applications, and devices, Runcible users can simply access the power of the Web to command and control the growing number of IoT devices and connected things around us.
  • Planned non-obsolescence: Unlike today’s smartphones which become entirely obsolete within two or three years, Runcible’s parts can be removed, repaired, and upgraded, enabling the device to be kept for decades.
  • No interruptions: Runcible will never beep, alert or otherwise interrupt us, enabling us to keep our attention where it has always meant to be.

Pricing and Availability

Runcible will be initially available in late 2015. Suggested retail price has not been confirmed but cost will be comparable to a premium, unlocked smartphone purchase. To be one of the first to experience Runcible, go to to pre-order today.

Runcible can be viewed for the first time on site at Mobile World Congress in Mozilla’s booth Hall 3 North, Booth 3C30.

About Monohm

Monohm creates innovative heirloom electronics. Its mission is to enable people to elegantly and simply control versus be controlled by their digital lives, while enabling a sense of wonder in the real world. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, California. For more information please visit

About Mozilla

Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate for the Web for more than a decade. We create and promote open standards that enable innovation and advance the Web as a platform for all. Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Mozilla Firefox to discover, experience and connect to the Web on computers, tablets and mobile phones. For more information please visit

About KDDI Corporation

KDDI, a comprehensive communications company offering fixed-line and mobile communications services, strives to be a leading company for changing times. For individual customers, KDDI offers its mobile communications (mobile phone) and fixed-line communications (broadband Internet/telephone) services under the brand name au, helping to realize Fixed Mobile and Broadcasting Convergence (FMBC). For business clients, KDDI provides comprehensive Information and Communications Technology services, from Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) networks to data centers, applications, and security strategies, which helps clients strengthen their businesses. For more information please visit