Mtell, a leading asset health software solution company and provider of machine learning technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it has joined the ThingWorx, a PTC business, IoT partner ecosystem as a ThingWorx Ready™ partner. The combined solution leverages the Mtell Machine Learning technology in conjunction with the ThingWorx Rapid Application Development platform to create advanced predictive analytics solutions for a wide range of IoT applications.

The Mtell Industrial Internet uses machine learning to gather and analyze “big data” from networked sensor signals to share learned behavior between industrial machines and adjust operations and maintenance activities. The result is dramatically improved equipment uptime and lowest cost maintenance, consistent with the highest asset integrity, and lowest environmental and safety risk. The combination of ThingWorx and Mtell technologies will offer companies in industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, and Wastewater the ability to deliver advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive scheduling.

“Working with ThingWorx accelerates our ability to provide improved reliability in a wider range of industries,” said Paul Rahilly, CEO of Mtell. “Mtell is the leader in maintenance analytics solutions for asset-intensive businesses, and ThingWorx brings the connectivity and IoT platform that allows us to offer a tremendous breadth and diversity of new analytics opportunities where our technology outshines the competition.”

“Advanced analytics and machine learning are critical components for companies that use smart, connected products and machines. The ability to collect and process sensor data to improve operating conditions based on asset health and behavior is the key to better profitability for many of our customers,” said Russ Fadel, General Manager, ThingWorx. “The Mtell diagnostic and prognostic analytics technology is a good addition to the ThingWorx solution, and we are excited to have them join our partner ecosystem.”

About Mtell

Founded in 2006, Mtelligence Corporation (dba. “Mtell”) is a privately held company providing software solutions for managing the health of industrial equipment. Making machines smart, Mtell plays an important role in developing the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition to reducing risk to people safety and the environment, Mtell is a significant contributor to equipment performance and profitability. Solutions are deployed globally in the oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical, and wastewater industries. For more information, visit us online at

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