AirFuel Alliance

The AirFuel™ Alliance is welcoming 10 new members to its growing ranks, including consumer electronics manufacturers Huawei and Bose, and celebrating the launch of several new AirFuel-enabled wireless charging products and solutions. This growth in membership and commercialized products and solutions supports the continuing, widespread adoption of AirFuel’s standards and the continued market momentum for a range of wireless charging technologies including inductive, resonant and RF.

New Members

AIrFuel members are focused on creating the technical specifications, product certification, and global interoperability needed to grow the wireless charging market and help consumers power up without plugging in. In the past few months, new members include Bose Corporation, GaN Systems, Gengee, Handeholder Products, Inc, Huawei, Metaboards, Ltd., Motorola Solutions, Redpine Signals, Inc., Shenzhen Hongizsheng Technology Co., and Zonecharge Wireless Power Technology Co. All have joined the Alliance and pledged their support for strengthening the open, wireless charging ecosystem AirFuel is creating. AirFuel members span the globe and represent consumer electronics, semiconductor, design and manufacturing, and automotive industries.

New Products & Solutions

Before and during Mobile World Congress 2017, AirFuel members have announced new products based on AirFuel inductive and resonant specifications, including:

  • LG G6 – LG just introduced their new G-Series smartphone, the LG G6. The new smartphone has been getting rave reviews for its design and the variety of feature upgrades and changes it boasts, including support for AirFuel’s (previously PMA) inductive wireless charging standard. This will allow consumers who buy the new LG G6 to charge their phones wirelessly at home and at public venues like Starbucks.
  • Gill Electronics, Kimball Office & OFS Brands – Gill Electronics is powering two new infrastructure solutions for the office based on the AirFuel resonant specification. Kimball Office, an award-winning designer of office furniture, is using Gill’s resonant transmitter to create a wireless power-charging solution called “Jolt” that seamlessly integrates into various work surfaces – from desks to cabinets to tables. And OFS Brands, an innovative furniture and logistics solutions company, is using Gill’s resonant transmitter to power TesLink®, another integrated wireless power solution.

Unlike products currently on the market that have been built around inductive charging technology (which have no spatial freedom) resonant-based solutions deliver spatial freedom and allow for the charging transmitter to be concealed, enabling multiple devices to be charged from one unit, at longer distances from the transmitter. This creates a true “furniture integrated” solution and delivers a better end-user experience and without drilling holes into the table top.

  • Chargifi Smart IoT Platform – Chargifi has announced a game-changing IoT platform, based upon the AirFuel specification, that turns wireless power into a service, adding value for manufacturers, managed service providers, venues and users alike. The platform deploys, monitors and monetizes wireless power – it reports vitals and usage metrics on charging hotspots in real-time, and its self-healing technology can fix transmitters remotely. This means problems are resolved automatically before customers or their guests are even aware of them and service providers can eliminate costly truck-rolls. .

“This is going to be a watershed year for wireless charging,” said Ron Resnick, President, AirFuel Alliance. “In addition to inductive, expect to see significant adoption of resonant wireless charging and the introduction of RF technology. The commercialization of wireless charging is not going to be driven by one company or one technology. At AirFuel, our members are working together to create an ecosystem that will support true, widespread adoption based upon best use case.”

AirFuel Alliance is an association dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem based on best in industry inductive, resonant and future wireless charging technology. AirFuel Alliance’s mission is to bring a diverse base of interoperable products to the global market that deliver the best wireless charging experience for consumers. Further, the Alliance continues to address future, non-magnetic technologies including RF, ultrasound and lasers that deliver power at a distance.