Airiwire Hotspot

AirWire Technologies (AirWire) announced that it had been selected by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (Jio) to provide AirWire’s Connected Car IoT Device incorporating AirWire’s patented antenna technology to customers in India. The AirWire Connected Car Device operates in Jio’s pan-India advanced 4G/LTE Network enabling Connect Car apps and services such as hotspot features, location based apps, automobile telematics, security and safety.

The AirWire Connected Care Device is displayed at Mobile World Congress 2017, in exhibit hall 7, booth G50 from 27Feb17 to 2Mar17. AirWire invites you to visit.

The AirWire Connected Car Device attaches to the vehicle’s OBD-II port over a cable in the vehicle. The device provides uninterrupted connectivity through Reliance Jio’s advanced 4G LTE network. The device seamlessly uploads important vehicle data to the cloud for analysis and enables convenient and useful apps and services to the consumer’s smartphones. When plugged into the car’s OBD port, the device enables WiFi and Bluetooth through which smartphone apps provide communication, cinema, TV, music, games, location data and vehicle telematics. The device allows smartphones to enable apps like Geo Fencing amongst others.

“We are pleased to offer a Connected Car Device for India, manufactured in India, in partnership with Jio,” said Debashis Bagchi, AirWire Technologies President & CEO. “Jio’s commitment and focus on the Connected Car market will provide the world the first countrywide deployment of this technology. Jio’s deployment strategy will validate the value of big data analytics to enhance the consumer’s satisfaction with vehicle driving and ownership.”

“Jio has been working closely with AirWire in developing this unique product to enable a suite of services and apps that will make the driving experience unique for the consumers. Jio’s partnership with AirWire provides the connected car device platform in the vehicle for our connected car initiative, Jio Car Connect. Driving, owning, maintaining and securing the vehicle will now fundamentally change with Jio Car Connect and the AirWire device,” said Reliance Jio.

The AirWire Connected Car device provides vehicle information to the user through a smartphone app. The device can immobilize the vehicle at the time of theft, alert owner about car movement and locate car. It can provide all vital information like oil stats, tire pressure, water levels, fuel info, battery change alerts. It can alert the mobile phone users if the connected car isn’t locked properly. It provides the data necessary for the app to display information on driving habits such as speed alerts, panic braking details and also speed limits set by choice. This can be useful for those who want to keep a check on their drivers. Future services include providing alerts and data for critical vehicle maintenance, performance and entertainment.

The product is currently in field trial and will be available in quantity soon.