AVSystem announced the release of the newest product in its WiFi VAS portfolio – Linkyfi Location Engine (LLE). This state-of-the-art product opens a new era of indoor location solution.

AVSystem’s Linkyfi Location Engine is an advanced software for indoor location and real-time navigation in all types of venues. The solution, built from scratch by AVSystem’s R&D, was designed to work as a stand-alone system with no third-parties involved. The real game changer is the shortest response time that enables a true real-time navigation. It also provides a navigation app that operates fully within a web browser without a need to install a dedicated app.

Linkyfi Location Engine combines all features of a standard real-time location system (RTLS), advanced analytics tool and indoor navigation solution. It collects directly from access points data about the WiFi end-devices RSSI in real-time. This enables to locate users with less than 2 seconds’ resolution time and it makes possible to precisely navigate them to the exact place of their wish. LLE is capable of collecting and analyzing any amount of data, with no retention limits, used for advanced analytics and creating detailed heatmaps. The solution introduced by AVSystem can operate with no calibration, but with calibration the engine gets even better results and the most precise data.

All that LLE needs to deliver top-notch indoor navigation and location services is the efficient number of APs providing WiFi access. It can be deployed autonomously and serve as a stand-alone system or work in synergy with AVSystem’s Linkyfi – a WiFi Management & Marketing Platform used worldwide by such operators as T-Mobile, Orange or Telefonica Global.

AVSystem has already delivered its brand-new product to Netia, which is a Polish Tier 1 Operator. Using Linkyfi Location Engine and having AVSystem as its technology partner, Netia delivered a WiFi indoor navigation tool, based on LLE to Posnania Shopping Mall – one of the most innovative shopping centers in Poland.