Meeami Voice

Meeami Tech announced integration and optimization of Meeami’s industry leading ClearVoice voice enhancement software solution on the Wi-Fi router platform (IPQ40x8) from Qualcomm Technologies. ClearVoice vastly improves automatic speech recognition (ASR) for voice command and control user interfaces (UI), and artificial intelligence (AI) driven natural language processing (NLP) found in services such as AVS, Cortana and Google Assistant. The joint demonstration shows ClearVoice-powered AVS integration and voice activated IoT control for a range of home IoT applications.

ClearVoice is an advanced software solution for voice IoT applications that enables superior voice recognition in far-field and noisy environments via patented voice signal processing algorithms for multi-microphone beamforming, noise cancellation (NC), acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and automatic gain control (AGC). ClearVoice offers broad hardware platform support and highly optimized CPU and memory utilization for easy system integration with reduced cost and complexity. It supports single microphone and arrays from 2 up to 8 or more microphones.

“Rapid advancements in AI, local processing power and cloud-based machine learning has propelled the use of NLP and voice as a user interface into the mainstream across a variety of IoT applications such as smart home, wearables, connected car, enterprise, and vertical and industrial,” noted Doug Makishima, vice president of sales and marketing for Meeami Tech. “This turn-key optimized solution, integrating Qualcomm Technologies solutions will enable OEMs to add high-quality voice UI ASR and voice AI assistant capability such as Amazon’s Alexa, quickly and cost effectively to their products.”