MontaVista MWC2017

MontaVista® Software, LLC launched MontaVista® CGX 2.2, the company’s tenth generation Carrier Grade Linux platform for 5G Carrier Grade telecom infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT) gateway devices and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions at Mobile World Congress 2017.

CGX 2.2 addresses all the key requirements of 5G, IoT and NFV markets providing the required feature set in a Carrier Grade Linux baseline that can be further customized to best fit each customer’s use-case. For 5G solutions, CGX 2.2 addresses the required low latency and bandwidth optimization, as well as capabilities for content caching, heterogeneous network convergence, RAN virtualization and network slicing. CGX 2.2 is also ideal for IoT applications that mandate extensive wired and wireless connectivity features, advanced security capabilities and device management features for connecting to the cloud. And for NFV solutions, where virtualization capabilities (containers and KVM), and optimized DPDK and ODP data plane support are key requirements.

“MontaVista® CGX provides building blocks for device developers ranging from core networking to 5G and Internet of Things (IoT),” said Iisko Lappalainen, Sr. Manager Technical Presales & Solutions. “Additionally, CGX 2.2 includes advanced Security and Carrier Grade Linux components as standard part of the Foundation profile, across all supported platforms.”

Key Highlights

  • Latest Linux® Kernel 4.9 LTS with Yocto™ 2.2 and GCC 6.2
  • Out-of-the-box support for today’s popular embedded ARM, x86, and MIPS SoCs
  • Foundation profile across all BSPs:
    • Advanced Security (Secure Boot, Update, Root of Trust, Identification and Vulnerability automation)
    • Carrier Grade Linux (High Availability, Field diagnostics and resiliency capabilities)
  • Optional profiles as per selected BSPs:
    • IoT
    • Virtualization (Containers, Docker and KVM)
    • Data plane (Fast path with ODP, DPDK and OVS) and advanced Graphics
  • Next generation build engine (MontaVista Integration Platform or MVIP) with Virtualized build nodes to scale out automatic builds on GIT commits and split build deliverables for higher scalability and effectiveness
  • Next generation test tool (MontaVista Test Automation Framework or MVTAF) as a self-contained test framework with automatic test cycles on Virtual HW along with Real-Time Quality reports to ensure effectiveness with rapid release


MontaVista is currently working with strategic customers with an early CGX 2.2 access program.