Analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2018, six billion connected things will be requesting support. On the heels of this prediction, Napatech announced that it believes that 100G Ethernet networks will be deployed much faster and more broadly than previously expected. Based on the influence of new paradigms currently emerging like SDN, NFV, Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the ongoing challenges facing security teams, Napatech reveals that the need for 100G networks will accelerate in 2016.

Napatech’s extensive customer base of telecom, large data centers and major vertical market players have confirmed the desire to implement high-speed 100G network solutions.

  • The Future of Network Appliances – In a recent Heavy Reading survey of telecom vendors and carriers, conducted on behalf of Napatech, more than 70 percent of respondents indicated that by 2018, the most common data rate in the core and metro networks will be 100G, while 58 percent of respondents indicated that 100G would be the preferred rate in the access network. To download the complete report, visit
  • Key drivers for the 100G network conversion – With a greater focus on detection, rather than prevention, cybersecurity will continue to be a major driver of solutions that leverage detailed network information in order to assess attack probabilities at high speeds. IoT will saturate networks by bringing in a new wave of data, and Napatech anticipates more data will need to be aggregated, analyzed and filtered at the edge of the network with little or no latency. With 100G fast approaching, there is little confidence that current SDN/NFV frameworks will hold under the pressure. Napatech anticipates that alternative approaches and solutions will need to be ready sooner than later, as deployments have already begun and are expected to accelerate in 2016.
  • New strategies for the 100G network transition – Data growth continuously puts pressure on network management and security appliance vendors. Napatech predicts new strategies will emerge for the delivery and analysis of data for network management and security purposes. Single appliances with the capability to handle multiple 100G flows will emerge for real-time packet capture and analysis of all network data. Napatech is working with customers and partners to deliver sophisticated solutions that can efficiently capture, store and deliver data when and where it is needed at speeds up to 200G.

Peter Ekner, CTO, Napatech said: “As emerging technologies such as SDN, NFV and IoT continue to flood public and private networks with a barrage of data, the broad adoption of 100G networks will take place sooner than later. Everything we do is aimed at assisting our customers to stay ahead of this data growth curve. The need for high-speed network solutions is critical, and our customers depend on us to help them build appliances that will keep them one step ahead of the demand.”

About Napatech

Napatech is the world leader in accelerating network management and security applications. As data volume and complexity grow, the performance of these applications needs to stay ahead of the speed of networks in order to do their jobs. We make this possible, for even the most demanding financial, telecom, corporate and government networks. Now and in the future, we enable our customers’ applications to run faster than the networks they need to manage and protect.