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Nature, announced their new IoT product “Nature Remo”, an air conditioner controller that transforms any window-mounted or through-wall AC into a smart one. Nature is launching a Kickstarter to introduce the product to market, with an early bird price of $49 (and a regular price of$69).

Nature Remo is an IoT device equipped with infrared, power control and sensors that, along with a mobile app, enable users to control their ACs from anywhere. Compared to other products in the market, Nature Remo is a cost-effective and universal solution for room ACs. With the Nature Remo, users can:

  • Control their room AC from anywhere
  • Pre-cool spaces and automatically turn off their AC when they leave
  • Adjust temperature and humidity
  • Save energy and reduce electricity bills

Nature Remo includes two units, the Controller and the Power Plug. The Controller uses WiFi to connect to the internet and infrared to communicate with room ACs, and is equipped with temperature, humidity, motion, illumination and voice sensors. It can also detect motion in the room. The Power Plug supplies power to the Controller and can read power consumption and control the outlet.

In the current release, Nature Remo includes the Controller, AC adaptor (to supply the Controller with power) and mobile app. The Power Plug will be released by year’s end, and will enable customers to use Nature Remo for room ACs without a remote. The Power Plug’s ability to read consumption also opens the door to the use of Nature Remo for demand management. Nature Remo has the potential to connect millions of room ACs to the internet to participate in energy demand management programs. Room ACs contribute up to 15% of peak electricity demand in NYC and Tokyo.

Nature, Inc. will also grant access to Nature Remo’s API so developers can program interaction with other IoT products. Nature Remo can be used for other appliances using its infrared communication function as well. The product will be officially released in August 2016.

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