nebbiolo Industrial Automation Pyramid

Nebbiolo Technologies recently launched its first product line, embracing fog computing (often referred to as edge computing) as a keystone for the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. In this context, fog computing will provide a powerful new functionality layer in the industrial automation pyramid, enabling the convergence between Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT).

The product launch includes:

  • NFN-3000: a highly optimized, scalable, secure and modular edge hardware, aka a fogNodeTM, designed to accelerate the convergence of current and new functions in the Operational domain
  • fogOSTM (fog Operating System v1.0): a virtualized, real-time capable, highly functional stack, powering federated clusters of fogNodesTM
  • fogSMTM (fog System Manager v1.0): a centralized portal for the management of federated clusters of fogNodesTM and their associated assets, including software, machines, tools, sensors and actuators

Nebbiolo’s fogOSTM brings mature cloud and data center technologies, such as real-time aware virtualization, micro services/dockers, highly scalable publish/subscribe busses, distributed analytics both at the edge and cloud. With industry standard rich interfaces and open APIs, fogOSTM enables a rapid application ecosystem development.

Advanced networking and security features in Nebbiolo’s offering include SDN functionality in fogOSTM, enabling the convergenge of IT and OT networks, which, coupled with security capabilities, will ease the concern of connecting poorly managed OT devices to IT and cloud applications.

Nebbiolo’s fogSMTM provides centralized fleet management, secure application hosting, multi-tenancy and Role Based Access Control with a single point of data aggregation from production floor to cloud applications.

Nebbiolo TechnologiesTM beach head customer, KUKA – one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions – recently introduced its newest IoT solution, KUKA Connect – a cloud-based software platform that embraces Nebbiolo’s Fog Computing solution to discover, connect, secure and manage industrial robots across multiple geographies and factories. KUKA Connect leverages Nebbiolo’s latest fog computing platform to enable auto-discovery of KUKA robots and devices in a zero-touch manner.

“With KUKA, we found a partner who believes in our bold vision, and helped us to manifest the potential of our technologies in the robotics centric manufacturing field.” – Flavio Bonomi, CEO and Founder, Nebbiolo TechnologiesTM.

“By collaborating with Nebbiolo Technologies, we were able to develop an innovative end-to-end IoT solution that allows users access and analytics of their KUKA robots at any time and on any device,” said David Fuller, Chief Technology Officer, KUKA Roboter GmbH. “Nebbiolo Technologies’ Fog Computing platform plays an important role in the end-to-end solution and provides secure discovery, communication and transfer of robot data to the cloud.”