NEC America IoT Solutions

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced IT, networking, communications, and multimodal biometric solutions, has announced the demonstration of its new IoT solution for the retail industry. Built with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite in conjunction with global loyalty and CRM innovators Brierley+Partners, the solution will be demonstrated at the IoT Solutions World Congress, October 25-28 in Barcelona.

The retail solution, hosted in the Internet of Things Solutions Testbed area in Hall 1, booth D441, will leverage NEC’s facial recognition and video analytics technologies to capture shopper demographic information, such as age and gender. Data analytics software, powered by Brierley+Partners, then recommends specific offers and prizes to shoppers who are recognized to be enrolled in the retailer’s loyalty program. The integrated solution is hosted on the Azure cloud platform.

“In this latest joint innovative collaboration between NEC and Microsoft, we’ve engaged Brierley+Partners for their expertise in loyalty and CRM to demonstrate what we believe will be a highly useful application in retail environments,” said Matt Worley, vice president of retail solutions, NEC Corporation of America. “The resulting application allows retailers to create truly unique offers to their most loyal customers in real time.”

Brierley+Partners’ Chief Technology Officer Bill Swift said, “The opportunity to combine the global experience and capabilities of Microsoft and NEC with the impactful consumer insights that our loyalty programs provide, is going to deliver a consumer experience that is a whole new level of cool.”

“With years of mutual innovation with NEC, we continue to be amazed at the possibilities when we put the right resources and capabilities together,” said Çağlayan Arkan, general manager, Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources, Microsoft Corp. “By utilizing our Intelligent Cloud, NEC and Brierley+Partners can help retailers delight their customers with real-time offers. We are happy that NEC and Brierley+Partners are joining us at IOT Solutions World Congress, where we plan to unveil this scenario for the first time on a public stage.”

The demonstration of the loyalty IOT solution built on the Azure IoT Suite is one more example of the long history of collaboration between NEC and Microsoft Corp., which dates back to 1979. NEC and Microsoft have recently demonstrated similar solutions in manufacturing and transportation.

The collaboration between Microsoft, NEC and Brierley+Partners has created a solution that will change the way retailers interact with consumers.

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