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Netclearance’s mBeaconCard smart-badge is the first true, all-in-one wearable identity card for indoor tracking, access control, payments and a multitude of IoT applications for the workforce. The unit integrates seamlessly with Netclearance’s IoT gateways (mBeacon2 and mBeacon3) and its cloud-based and on-premise platforms, but also easily adaptable to work with third-party mobile apps and analytics platforms.

“The mBeaconCard was developed to fill a void in tracking people indoors and workplace analytics,” said David Fernandez, CEO and founder at Netclearance. Instead of relying on smartphones apps, key fobs or bracelets, mBeaconCard allows employers, hospitals, schools and other institutions to deploy a single identification badge infrastructure that can serve as an indoor tracker and proximity card device.

“Based on appearance, the smart badge looks like any other identification card. However, there’s more under the hood as each smart card contains state-of-the-art technology that allows the card to be used for contactless applications and indoors wireless tracking,” said David Fernandez.  These smart cards contain Bluetooth LE and NFC chips that interact with designated card readers to perform a variety of functions, including access control, payments processing, indoor location and workforce analytics.

mBeaconCard – All-in-one low power smart badge

The mBeaconCard smart badge combines a high performance CPU, IoT sensors, NFC and BLE capabilities in a single credit-card sized badge with ultra-low power consumption which allows the unit to operate for several years on a thin battery.

The cards provide data storage and can run customized software applications. The ample on-board memory can typically store multiple pieces of information that are all associated with one user identity so that a commercial reader system can process and feed the data to enterprise applications.

The Bluetooth LE capability provides indoors tracking and wireless proximity applications with a variable range of accuracy from few inches to several feet. The cards are compatible with BLE-compliant smartphones and popular beacon profiles (such as iBeacon or Eddystone) thus opening a wide range of card and mobile app interactions.

“We expect government agencies, employers, financial institutions and venues will start incorporating personnel IoT applications for workforce management and space optimizations, security and indoors tracking, among others,” said Jason Aplin – Chief Solutions Architect at Netclearance.

The device joins the Netclearance Systems’ leading portfolio of IoT gateways, including the mBeacon2 and mBeacon3.  All Netclearance Systems, Inc. solutions utilize low-power wireless technology and feature open server APIs (REST), mobile SDKs, and advanced analytics capabilities.

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