NetObjex, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, has announced its turnkey beacon management solution for retailers, complete with retail-geared ShopObjex data collection and digital signage capabilities.

NetObjex’s ShopObjex is a state of the art entrant in the Retail industry use of IoT technology. ShopObjex and the NetObjex suite of IoT technologies equip retailers with the capability to turn the tide on ‘showrooming’ that robs businesses of millions of dollars in sales annually.

This first-of-its-kind solution allows retailers of any size to easily create beacon generated content that is easily accessible. Until now, businesses interested in implementing beacons had to conform to the limitations of proprietary solutions or invest significant time and money in developing custom apps so individuals could interact with the IoT technology.

“The NetObjex platform is a retail marketers IoT dream come true,” said Sarah Le, NetObjex’s Director of Marketing. “Now retailers can easily set up their beacons with content in just minutes using the simple, drag and drop features provided in the NetObjex admin panel. The quick set-up allows retailers to start collecting and learning from valuable data on opted-in customer activities.”

ShopObjex also incorporates NetObjex Analytics to help retailers better understand their customers’ shopping habits and draw out insights into enhancing consumer engagement. The NetObjex retail solution enables retailers to do roll up reports by store, by city and more. The system comes with remote control beacon fleet management. Longer-range tools help manage hardware more easily. Retailers can run different campaigns segmented by store and run multiple campaigns at a time on the same beacon.

ShopObjex and the NetObjex platform, break the barrier to entry in which expensive proprietary services have been the only option available to any entity interested in implementing beacon technology. NetObjex technologies open new opportunities for revenue in the IoT field, an industry the IDC projects at $7.1 trillion by 2020.

About NetObjex
NetObjex is a leader in IoT technology platforms with sophisticated end-to-end systems that simplify device registration, device discovery, content delivery, campaign management and advanced analytics through an easy-to-use Point & Click interface for rapid deployment.

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