NetObjex, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, has launched its groundbreaking Device Registry, enabling IoT administrators to make their IoT devices (e.g. sensors, beacons) discoverable and accessible to applications.

The revolutionary NetObjex Device Registry fills a void in the IoT market, which is still in its nascent phase. It does this by providing key building blocks necessary for simplifying communication between IoT hardware and end-user devices and applications. IoT administrators can now use the registry to effectively provide address translation for each device similar to how Domain Name Services (DNS) provides IP address translation for domains. The Device Registry is free to consumers and is available at

“If you compare the IoT space to the Web, you will notice that there is no DNS, no standards based servers, no standardized browsers, no search engines. Our goal at NetObjex is to fill in these gaps so that the full potential of the IoT can be realized rather easily,” said NetObjex Director of Marketing Sarah Le. “This technology enables consumers to bridge the physical and the virtual worlds, with broad applications in Retail, Advertising and numerous other markets.”

The NetObjex Platform, including the Device Registry, provides all the essential components with Point & Click simplicity. Now, businesses can leverage beacons and sensors and integrate them with a multitude of content (e.g. coupons, videos, social media feeds) easily with no learning curve. The NetObjex device registry, as a part of the collection of NetObjex platform, breaks the barrier to entry into device technology, providing affordable options that work with Devices from any vendor.

Other features in the NetObjex Platform include campaign management, remote administration, analytics and more. “The Device Registry and the IoT Search Engine in the NetObjex platform enable applications to locate devices, build search solutions, and enable proximity based solutions far more efficiently than before,” added Le.

About NetObjex
NetObjex is a leader in IoT technology platforms with sophisticated end-to-end systems that simplify device registration, device discovery, content delivery, campaign management and advanced analytics through an easy-to-use Point & Click interface for rapid deployment.