NetObjex recently announced an IoT beacon search engine. The IoT search engine is available for free and as a component of the company’s IoT PaaS, which includes an IoT Device Registry, CMS, Mobile App and optional hardware.

This first-of-its-kind IoT search engine allows anyone to search for nearby beacons registered in the NetObjex universal device registry. Search results appear just as they do with web search engines. Users can access the content there in their browser or through the free Browsa! mobile application.

“The NetObjex beacon search engine is an interesting development in the IoT marketplace,” said Sarah Le, Director of Marketing for NetObjex. “Now, anyone can discover beacons just like they discover websites and due to the universal device registry, the beacons can be from any vendor. Organizations can also deploy the solutions within the confines of their organization to create an Intranet of Things use the IoT search engine for internal device discovery.” Similar to search engine results, search results would be able to pull up content associated with them via the NetObjex CMS.

The NetObjex IoT PaaS, device registry and search engine break the barrier to entry in which expensive proprietary services have been the only option available to any entity interested in implementing beacon technology.

About NetObjex

NetObjex is a leader in IoT technology platforms with sophisticated end-to-end systems that simplify device registration, device discovery, content delivery, campaign management and advanced analytics through an easy-to-use Point & Click interface for rapid deployment.

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