BOSTON, MA — LogMeIn, Inc. (Nasdaq:LOGM) today announced that New England Biolabs (NEB) has selected LogMeIn’s Xively Cloud Services platform for its Internet of Things (IoT) implementation, which will help to optimize and scale the company’s real-time supply chain offering for enzymes and related products used in DNA-based research. New England Biolabs’ new IoT-connected enzyme freezers are designed to give scientists much faster access to the products necessary for accelerating genomic research.

“New England Biolabs epitomizes the type of innovative company that can use LogMeIn for integrated IoT solutions and expertise,” said Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn. “We’re pleased to be working with NEB to help optimize and turn their connected vision into reality, and build solutions that can make a real impact on their business.”

New England Biolabs produces the world’s largest selection of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic and molecular biology research. Typically, those materials are stored in special refrigeration units that have to be located in warehouses for security purposes. To get a needed enzyme, the scientist has to leave the lab, go to their warehouse and, if it is out of stock, reorder and wait. This costs both time and money as researchers wait for the enzymes to be delivered.

Scaling the IoT via Xively Cloud Services

NEB is hoping to scale deployment of the on-premise connected freezer solution using LogMeIn’s Xively IoT platform. Through the IoT implementation, the freezers will provide automated, detailed usage reporting based on NEB researchers’ consumption of specific products, which enables the supply chain to be optimized with just-in-time re-stocking. Also, by monitoring freezers remotely for signs of failure, it is possible to do predictive maintenance and proactive repair in order to speed fixes and avoid product loss.

“Science isn’t ‘9 to 5.’ It happens on its own schedule,” said Ken Grady, Chief Information Officer of New England Biolabs. “We know that our on-site, self-service freezers can save researchers days and now we are looking forward to rolling it out system-wide on the LogMeIn Xively Cloud Services platform.”

Xively Cloud Services is built on LogMeIn’s proven, highly-scalable Gravity cloud infrastructure — which supports millions of secure connections between people, devices and data across the globe. Xively is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed to help companies accelerate IoT initiatives. Featuring a highly-efficient data communications backbone and data and directory service, all purpose-built for the IoT’s unique needs, the Xively platform can be rapidly integrated with complementary hardware and software to empower connected devices. LogMeIn complements this technology platform with Xively Professional Services, a team of experienced IoT service providers that can help companies combine revolutionary cloud-connected devices, elegant mobile and web apps, and comprehensive CRM/ERP systems into fully-integrated IoT solutions.

“NEB’s planned implementation of Xively is a perfect example of LogMeIn’s business-first approach to the IoT, helping customers define their business objectives and envision their connected product,” said Chad Jones, vice president of Xively product strategy for LogMeIn. “Then, together, we design, pilot and build powerful connected commercial solutions using the Xively platform and strategic ecosystem vendors, like Salesforce.”

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