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New Structure IoT platform announced that developers are flocking to sign up and use the platform launched just last week. Leaning heavily on experience from prior successful ventures targeting developers, co-founders Charlie Key and Brandon Cannaday are again seeking to solve a problem they experienced personally.

“We are thrilled to launch an exciting, new platform that gives anyone the capability to build connected solutions quickly and easily,” said Key, Structure’s co-founder and CEO.

“While there are a few basic platforms designed for hobbyists, as well as more complex platforms for industrial applications that require extensive training and expertise, we saw that there was no complete platform powerful enough for complex use cases but still easy to use—ideal for both makers and developers in industrial sectors.”

In a launch week that resulted in strong response from community-based outlets including Hacker News, Product Hunt and, Key and Cannaday were thrilled by the level engagement and conversation within the communities – a testament to the strong interest in a complete solution with a simple and intuitive user experience.

The software platform is offering instant impact for its first adopters. “I’m highly impressed with how robust the platform is straight out of the gate. Using Structure has already helped speed up our application development process by removing the time consuming tasks of coding and configuration,” said Steve Caldwell, co-founder and CEO of Strap, a wearable analytics solution.

In an effort to equip developers with hardware to build projects and experience key functionality in the cloud platform, Structure offered new customers complementary ESP8266-based IoT Builder Kits for a limited time.

Structure’s software platform enables individuals to intelligently manage their devices, collect and visualize data, and ultimately take action on data through highly customizable workflows. With no code required and a real-time reaction engine, Structure provides a secure and intuitive way build and manage connected solutions.

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