Today we unveiled a new look and feel – nothing special, just a new skin. With it comes a much better mobile device experience. Now for the next steps… Help us build the largest Internet-of-Things (IoT) community: collaborate, connect, promote, inform. Think StackOverflow + Kickstarter + Sulia. V2 – IoT Management Platform. Think StrikeIron.

It’s currently nothing more than an idea. Yes, we have a WordPress instance running on Azure, a Twitter feed with about 100 followers and growing, a Facebook page and a Google+ page.

We are looking for investors who believe in the Internet-of-Things. IDC estimates predict the Internet of Things (IoT) market to grow to $8.9 trillion with over 212 billion things connected by 2020. IoT – internet enabled- connected, smart devices that can network and communicate with each other to manage our world intelligently. The things under IoT have embedded intelligence with the ability to collect, analyze data and share it via machine to machine (M2M) or in real-time with cloud-based solutions to provide new innovation in business and consumer services/applications like business process automation, home automation, medical device functionality, data center automation, security, building automation and the list goes on. Ultimately, it will improve the quality of our lives. If you believe we have something here, find us on – – Internet of Things.

We are also looking for young entrepreneurs that are currently involved with the Internet-of-Things. If you are doing IoT, we would love to hear from you. Passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT)? We need advisors, team players. Let’s make this vision a reality.