Want to read something concrete about the Internet of Things? You know, something more than what you find day in and day out on the internet – a bunch of theory without actual use cases, lacking explanations of the HOW? Register and download this New Research: Customer Experience in the Internet of Things.

The new research from Altimeter Group provides brands a framework for contextualizing the Internet of Things, and five definitive ways companies can use sensors to create mutual benefit for both brand and consumer through the entire customer journey. They are:

  • Reward: through promotion, gamification and entertainment
  • Information & Decision-Making: for shopping/evaluation, as well as navigation, monitoring, and news
  • Facilitation: to enable transaction, identity authentication, conversion, and interaction
  • Service: for proactive and reactive customer support, as well as sales and retention
  • Innovation: to drive feedback, customization and rapid product

So if you want to find out how Walgreens, PactApp & Taco Bell implemented an IoT-Enabled Reward, or how Chamberlain, Disney & Starbucks implemented IoT-Enabled Facilitation, simply register and download the 30 page report.