The team behind SIGNUL, the personal location-based beacon system that simplifies consumer technology by integrating physical and digital products, is excited to announce the official launch of the SIGNUL Channel on IFTTT. SIGNUL allows consumers to automate and contextualize key digital tasks such as sending text messages, launching apps, and updating social networks, when entering or exiting the vicinity of a SIGNUL beacon. The addition of the SIGNUL IFTTT Channel opens up the possibilities of what actions can be triggered when connected with a SIGNUL beacon.

IFTTT is an online service that connects consumers’ favourite apps and products, so they better meet their needs. These connections are called Recipes, and users are able to select from hundreds of Channels to say If This happens, Then do That (IFTTT). With the SIGNUL IFTTT Channel you can use SIGNUL zone entry and exit events as the If in your recipes. For example, when a beacon is placed in someone’s office, a possibly recipe could be: If that person leaves the office for the evening, Then their Nest thermostat will start to heat their home.

“When we began to develop SIGNUL, almost two years ago, we had no idea how important a product like this would be in the ecosystem of connected devices and automation. Mainstream adoption of home automation, and the evolution of IFTTT have created a unique niche for SIGNUL today, and even more so going forward. Device-as-presence sensing and micro-location are integral components in a connected world, and we’re very excited to see SIGNUL at the forefront of that movement,” said Trent Shumay, President and CTO of Finger Food Studios, the IoT Design Shop, and founder of SIGNUL.

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