This addition to the Telematics Munich Conference & Exhibition is to be named ‘Cross Industry Relationships for the Connected Car’ and will serve as an example of how advancements in connectivity are improving the driving experience. These ‘intruding’ forces, combined with the efforts of existing, entrenched telematics stakeholders, reaffirm that the connected car is an area of superb value and potential. It is certain that while concepts such as intermodal mobility, autonomous vehicles and the application of the Internet of Things need more investigation, it will be a combination of these players (and new, currently unknown players) that will arrive at a solution in the not too distant future.

Andy Pym, one of the project directors working on Telematics Munich, commented, “This is an exciting, yet uncertain time for the entrenched stakeholders of the telematics industry. New players from other tech horizontals, as well as the titans of CE (Apple and Google), are all interested in leveraging the power of the connected car”. He continued, “The buzz-term of the early part of 2014 has been the ‘Internet of Things’. Therefore, we will take a granular look at how connected mobility will be affected by a growing connected world. This is something OEMs and telematics service providers are scrambling to work out at the moment”.

OEMs such as Daimler, BMW, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen will be joined at the Conference by telematics service providers such as HERE, Telenor, NNG, Telit and WirelessCar. With interest in the ‘Internet of Things’ growing quickly, it would be easy to get carried away with the hype, but the Conference will also donate an equal amount of attention to other industry megatrends. Tracks include, ‘Content, Apps & HMI’, ‘V2X & The Autonomous Car’, ‘Traffic & Advanced Navigation’, ‘Data, Analytics & Services’ and ‘Insurance and Fleet’.

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Over 100 industry-leading speakers will attend the 2014 Conference. The C-level representatives that will address conference delegates in November include:

  • Edoardo Gianotti, Vehicle Regulations and Transport Innovations Section, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Ralf Lamberti, Director of Telematics, Infotainment and Cabin E/E, Daimler
  • Derek Williams, GM, Telematics Programme + Multimedia Product Planning, Toyota
  • Detlef Kuck, Technical Expert Infotainment Strategies, Global Driver Assistance & Active Safety Europe, Ford
  • Ian Digman, General Manager Product Planning, Nissan
  • Lars Möreke, Manager Innovation, Volkswagen Financial Services
  • Alastair Cotteril, Global Lead – Automotive, Facebook
  • Nick Piggott, Head of Creative Technology, Global Radio

NEW Features for Telematics 2014:

    • Super Panel: C-Level execs discuss the future of connected mobility in our highest profile debate to date
    • Automaker Addresses: More OEM presentation that ever before, incl. exclusive look at Daimler and BMW’s vision for the European market
  • Brand New Track for 2014: ‘Cross-Industry Relationships for the Connected Car’ to explore the prospects of intruding players from the home automation health controls space

With 100+ senior-level speakers, 40+ sessions and attended by 800+ delegates, this year’s event will embody the paradigm shift that is taking place within in-car connectivity. Intermodal transportation, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things are real: debate how this will revolutionise the telematics market and prepare yourself for the next phase of connected mobility.

“Telematics Munich 2013 was indeed the Paris Motorshow of the telematics world.” -Kia
“One of the best industry shows I have been at from an industry networking perspective!” -Microsoft

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